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👋 New Here?
I’m Shimmy Morris, I really like creating enterprise, and studying new issues alongside the way in which.
I’ve created fairly a couple of completely different companies since I left highschool and thus far it’s all gone fairly effectively.
I’m an enormous automotive nerd and love all sports activities, particularly these harmful ones like snowboarding and mountain climbing!
Thanks for visiting the channel, I hope you’re having fun with the movies. .

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  1. Hello Shimmy. This was an interesting video. You are so kind uploading more and more videos and advising us. I am looking for a certain kind of info I have not managed to find. I wonder, have you ever written about those online companies/websites, where one can sell logos, thumbnails, postcards, posters that have already been designed and just need to be sold. Let us forget those freelancer companies, where buyers order items. These digital printables only need to be sold the way they are now. Thank you, stay safe.

  2. Love all the editing your adding to your videos, makes it easier to follow. The summary you did was super useful and awesome! The info was super insightful! Keep it up!

  3. No. We can all agree movies 7,8 and 9 were pretty bad. 1,2 and 3 had some of the best storytelling imaginable. It’s just questionable direction and execution. The sequels have zero good story and zero plan. Also for many people, The Clone Wars rlly improves the prequel films.
    Regardless, enjoy whatever you want, but I love the prequels! 👍

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