1957 Cinematic Still: Space Botanist Studies Giant Moth Bee Insect-Robot in Misty Moonlit Victorian Greenhouse Lab

The picture shows a cinematic still shot from a 1957 film directed by George Pal. The wide-angle super 8 shot captures a detailed scene of a giant moth bee insect-robot made of metals, glass, and costume jewelry with filigree. The robot is being studied by a space botanist in a misty, moonlit greenhouse by a foggy pond lagoon laboratory. The robot has glowing, magnifying eyes and a space-age steampunk rococo Edwardian mod gilded age aesthetic. The portrait shows the Edwardian ethnic researcher and scientist in a tailored science uniform with embroidery, studying the intricate robot bee. The scene is filled with pastel colors, reminiscent of 60s sci-fi set designs, and features gem-encrusted jewels, steampunk robotics, metallics, wildflowers, dew, and mist. The faceted eyes of the robot add to the science fiction vibe. The setting is a victorian greenhouse lab, creating a visually stunning and ethereal atmosphere. The photo was taken on a real 50mm film in 1957 and was filmed on an Ultra Panavision 70 using Eastman Kodak Technicolor f0. 7/ 50mm lenticular color film system.

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Promt: A scene from a 1957 film scene directed by George Pal, wide – angle, super 8, detailed cinematic still shot, giant moth bee insect – robot made of metals and glass and costume jewelry with filigree in misty moonlit greenhouse being studied by space botanist by foggy pond lagoon laboratory, glowing magnifying eyes, space – age steampunk rococo edwardian mod gilded age, portrait of edwardian ethnic researcher and scientist studying robot bee, tailored science uniform, embroidery, biomimicry, pastel colours, 60s scifi set, gem encrusted, jewels, steampunkm robotics, metallics, wildflowers, dew, mist, faceted eyes, science fiction, A real 50mm film photo taken in 1957 of a flying insect – robot, foggy, pink seafoam purple blue, victorian greenhouse lab, cinematic scene, filmed on an Ultra Panavision 70, Eastman Kodak, Technicolor, f0. 7/ 50 mm, lenticular color film system

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