and Leafy Apparel: A Realistic Fantasy Portrait of a Kokiri Woman in a Medieval Forest景

In this stunning painting, a Kokiri woman is depicted sitting on a branch in a warm and sunny medieval forest. Her warm Forest Green hair and clothing made from leaves showcase her connection to nature. She wears a Forest Green tunic and leather armor, with a brown skirt, and uses nuts and acorns for jewelry. The artist has captured her joyful and content expression as she watches the birds in the canopy. The use of the wet-on-wet painting method creates a vibrant and lifelike portrait, reminiscent of the styles of Frank Frazetta, Serge Marshennikov, and Omar Ortiz. The Kokiri woman holds a wooden sword and wooden shield, both adorned with swirling carvings, showcasing her strength and readiness for adventure. This realistic fantasy painting perfectly captures the essence of the mythical Kokiri race and the enchanting forest they call home.

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Promt: For realistic fantasy paintings, In the style of Frank frazetta, Serge Marshennikov and Omar Ortiz, wet on wet painting method. A Kokiri is a shorter person, with warm Forest Green hair, they wear cloth made from leaves, and use nuts and acorns for jewelry. Give me a full body portrait of a Kokiri woman sitting on a branch in a tree. The Tree is in a warm and sunny medieval forest. She is wearing a Forest Green Link's tunic, with leather armor, and a brown skirt. She has a wooden sword in one hand, and a wooden shield in the other, both have swirling carvings on them. She has a happy smile, content, watching the birds in the canopy.","Green Hair

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