Korean Beauty: Cinematic Portrait of a Gorgeous 30-Year-Old Woman in Vintage Color Film


The photo depicts a stunning 30-year-old Korean woman in a front shot. She has a slim face with a pointed chin and very big eyes, giving her a striking appearance. Her small and thick lips add to her unique features, while her white skin gives her a flawless complexion. The woman exudes shyness as she poses with messy black bobbed hair and a thin long neck. She is dressed in a black sports vest and black skinny jeans, giving off a cinematic and realistic vibe. The photo was taken with a Nikon F3HP 50mm f/8 on Kodak negative film, creating a vintage color film look. The full body shot captures the woman’s beauty and adds to the cinematic lighting of the image.

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📌 The image was generated by AI MidJourney 📌 The image was generated by AI MidJourney

Promt: a beautiful 30-year-old Korean woman, front shot, slim face, pointed chin, very big eyes, small and thick lips, white skin, shyness, messy black bobbed hair, thin long neck, black sports vest, black skinny jean, cinematic, realistic photo, cinematic lighting, by nikon f3hp 50mm f/8 kodak negative film, vintage color film look, full body shot

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