Surviving in the Cyberpunk Dystopia: Meet Trudy from MOXY

In the cyberpunk dystopia, Trudy is a member of the notorious streetgang The MOX. She sports intimidating cyberpunk streetwear, but there’s a playful irony to her appearance. As a bouncer at the local bar, she stands in front of the entrance with a formidable wooden bat by her side, looking whimsically at the camera. Backlit by a glowing white sign spelling “MOX,” Trudy’s silhouette is enhanced by minimalist graffiti of a distorted face. The scene is set with dramatic lighting and heavy shadows, giving it a surreal and ethereal vibe.

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📌 The image was generated by AI MidJourney 📌 The image was generated by AI MidJourney

Promt: MOXY | by Subterfugitive","Trudy is an active member of an obnoxious streetgang called The MOX which is full of survivors who watch each others backs in this dark cyberpunk dystopia. She is wearing intimidating yet ironically playful cyberpunk leather streetgear. Trudy is a bouncer at the local bar and is standing in front of the door while whimsically looking directly at us. She holds the handle of a formidably large wooden bat that is resting by her side. She is backlit by a glowing cool white sign on the wall spelling \"MOX\" in white letters which is the name of the gang along with minimalist stylized graffiti of an iconic distorted face. There is a dark surreal and dreamy ambience to the scene with dramatic ethereal cinematic lighting with heavy shadows and red fill lighting off to one side of her face.

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