The Golden Peacock Man: An Ancient Illustrated Guide to Mythical Hybrids and Harappa Alphabet

This ancient illustration book depicts a mythical hybrid creature, a handsome man with DNA of a golden peacock. He has electric green and Tyrian purple long bun hair, lean muscles, and is adorned with peacock wings and tails. He is also adorned with emerald, amethyst, and gold jewelry. The background features the Harappa alphabet and various magical items, while a golden peacock coin completes the scene. This stunning and intricate depiction is a testament to the creativity and artistic skill of ancient cultures.

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Promt: ancient illustration book, for use of mythical hybrid creature of golden peacock with man DNA, handsome man, electricgreen tyrianpurple long bun hair, lean muscle, wearing peacock wings and tails, his body decorated with emerald amethyst and gold jewelry. harappa alphabet description and magical items, background is golden peacock coin

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