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Feeling Directionless? This was me just a few years in the past once I was left within the wild west to attempt to discover my ardour in life. I felt directionless in life.
But I knew one factor…
I didn’t need to comply with the group…
So, I went by trials and tribulations.
The Goods and the Bads

and Here’s my information on How To Find Your True Passion in Life

Personality check: https://www.16personalities.com/

I’m Hamza. My objective in life is to make extra males like Adonis.
I make movies on masculinity, success, health & psychological well being in addition to different areas of life that assist you in your journey from Jeffery to Adonis.

I went from being the awkward, skinny fats video gamer in highschool to the social gathering child in college.
I used to be doing all of the dangerous habits (are you able to guess what they had been?)
Living a lifetime of pleasure had toxic results on my psychological and bodily well being.
It took me some time to get heading in the right direction, I needed to depart every little thing behind and begin a brand new life, with a brand new mission.

I additionally run a podcast known as Fatherless, sharing knowledge from smart fathers to a technology of boys who could not have had constructive father figures of their lives.
• Fatherless Podcast – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZUYTxPoj53GHTm4qOLsZdQ/videos

• Discord server (Make buddies!) – https://discord.com/invite/AhAapyKNHW
• Get the Best 7 Workouts despatched to your telephone(FREE) – https://hamza-ahmed.co.uk/opt-in
• Build your 10/10 Aesthetic Body – https://hamza-ahmed.co.uk/aesthetic-body-course

The Mindfulness Framework: Mindful meditation defined in an comprehensible format –
Dopamine Detox: Reduce Distractions and Increase Your Productivity –
30 Principles For Social Success: How to Win Friends and Influence People –
Goal Setting for Self Improvement: 2021 New Years Resolutions –
Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World –

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/hamza97x/
Email – enterprise.hamza.ahmed@gmail.com

#selfimprovement .

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  1. This video was edited by Ervin, our potential 4th editor. What do you think of his editing skills?

  2. Millions of videos on YouTube on "FiNdInG YoUr PassIOn"… and really NOBODY nailed it down like you Hamza, big respect and thank you, keep up the hard work 🙌

  3. As a 19 year old, I’m glad that I’ve taken a year break after graduating to just take a break from school and everything else to just focus on myself. And with that, I’ve been able to just work and get money, and find problems that were holding me back in life and optimize little things to help make me more productive and healthier (lifestyle, diet, and overall life habits). And now I’m at a point where I’m almost ready to just go out and try things and try to find my true passion and my future life career. This video has definitely helped realign my vision and help motivate me for what is to come!

  4. Man imma play this vid every day till I make it, this some of the best advice my ear drums have had the pleasure of picking up. It’s not the information that’s new but the delivery that’s so captivating. Since your’e dishing out gems for free, I’d like to return the favour. My advice to you is this, take it or leave it. We are not perennial beings, Death is determined, defined and definite, the life of the hereafter, will however be established, prepare for it and do not make worldly gains your only goal as from the cradle to the grave, in both instances, you come and leave with nothing except righteousness that you undertake before death sincerely for Allah , creator of the worlds, king of all kings, lord of all lords, the most mighty and powerful, all hearing and all knowing , ever living, most merciful and supreme. Do not be ignorant or arrogant in seeking knowledge. Please do not hesitate to ask me anything, I will help if I possess any knowledge regarding the issue and seek no payment or any favours. Appreciate the content bro.

  5. Do whatever you want to do. Just be honest with yourself and think what you really have to do to achieve your goals and first of all what is your goal. I had to go through huge mindest shift to actually play video game to become pro in it, not just play for fun and really had to think what i have to do to achieve it.

  6. Dude im literally tired to see contents, like being a consumer and shit. Recently, these few days been thinking about making my own channel.
    Thanks for pushing broda.

  7. Dude your like 100% spot on on everything you say. At first i was kinda sceptical, but when you started talking about the gym part, you basically described me. I started going to the gym about 5 months because i legit had nothing better to do, just a meaningless skinny introvert. I didn't have any goal going in, but i fkn loved it. I never missed a day of workout, been going 6 days a week every week, and now i realise that im so buffed and confident. And these 5 months were the best months of my life. Started going to parties talking to people, climbing the social ladder. Going to the gym changed my life, but im still searching for my passion, trying new things, if i didn't do that, school would've made me totally depressed. Thank you for your advice Adonis.

  8. Most of my opportunities to explore passions have been unavailable ever since I moved from america. But at the same time, it opened up a couple new ones.

  9. "Cringe people pretend that they're not gay but they are, chad people pretend that they're gay but they're not."

  10. I thought Hamza was getting a bit lost with YouTube and going through a reflection stage but this last week he has literally gone up a level and is giving off amazing energu

  11. I need some help man, I've been feeling so lost the last few months because I have no idea what I want to do, my personality type is ENTP, and I'm in school for mechanical engineering but I actually hate it, nothing seems as boring to me as sitting at a desk 9-5 in a factory, I have to be out there and go places and actually do something, I am a very outdoorsy person, city life makes me depressed, when I was younger I really aspired to be a wildlife biologist and work in national parks and stuff but I found out it's a very hard field to get employment in and super competitive, I fear I'm not smart enough for that either, and 90% of this job is office work too like writing papers and looking for sponsors for research, in the past I worked in sales (which I wasn't good at because I knew they could get it cheaper somewhere else), construction (it's not too bad actually I thought about maybe being a carpenter or something, I like the physical aspect but I want something more social), restaurants/ catering (I don't like this kind of work), in an office (after this I made myself a promise to never get a boring desk job in my life), warehouses (I hate this too), I don't mind traveling a lot actually I love it and I need the novelty of that so I thought a degree in international business might be interesting but idk, my interests are photography/ videography, traveling, nature/ animals, being social, adventure, lifting, being productive, I backpacked by myself for two years when I was 18 and I feel like adventure really is in my blood, being complacent and just living in one spot the whole time is super boring for me, I need to be out there and do something meaningful and physical those are the most important things for me

  12. my passion is writing (fiction) but i realized quickly that the path to financial success is in social media, not necessarily selling books. im trying to find a way to use social media to convey wonderful stories now.

  13. I was a hardcore gamer my entire life, then I reached the point where it has gotten so bad that I needed to stop. I just quit cold turkey. It was horrible at first but after some time i just moved on. But then I've encountered some issues, mainly it was just me getting addicted to Netflix and Facebook and other stuff. That went on for months, and it felt even worse than being addicted to video games. About a year and a half ago, I saw a video of some pianist playing some anime ost, thought it was cool, then clicked off and forgot about it . After a few months, christmas came, and I wanted to choose something I wanted, literally nothing came to my mind, and then that was it! I wanted to start playing the piano and asked my parents for some shitty keyboard, and I'll be forever grateful for the decision my past self made. I've been playing the piano for almost a year now, slowly fighting my phone addiction, chasing my dream body, meditating, its so crazy that even everyone around me is astonished, hell even I am suprised that ditching video games would make me such a different person. I will never touch video games again, and I've decided that I'm going to pursue a career as a pianist.
    I've turned 16 couple of weeks ago and self-improvement is the best thing that ever happened to me. Hamza, you're a huuuge inspiration for me and I hope to achieve my dreams with your help 🙂
    Sorry for writing such a long comment, but I just wanted to share my feelings with all of you :0 (I hope my english isn't rusty, because it's not my native language.)

  14. The video games issue goes farther than this in my opinion. There are some people that genuinely enjoy video games, but I believe most people who play video games, are doing it as a form of meditation. The mind literally stops thinking/worrying about anything else other than the video game while you're playing. It's almost like a fake, unproductive flow state.

  15. Finding a way to monetize things that you’re passionate about is key. Find the intersection of what you’re good at, what you enjoy, and what can bring value to people’s lives

  16. getting a job with coding is my safe option, after i get there I will see if there is anything better for me

  17. I just started watching you and found that you're the realest when it comes to shit on yt. Fuck that red pill shit. Anyways I'm having trouble trying to figure out if girls are leading me on or that they're genuinely busy/or I need to hit them up again. (Acts interested and stuff at first then gets dry but somewhat interested over text) Can you make a video on that? Thanks your the man

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