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In this video we speak about necessary methods you possibly can additional safe your crypto investments TODAY!


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======== VIDEO SUMMARY ========

00:00 – Introduction


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  1. Excellent content and information Casey, as per usual detailed and precise for those who are Newbies or Competent in the trading where security is also significant.. Keep it Up Casey..
    God Bless.. Stay well..

  2. I never understood why these "Experts" never follow up with a video actually using and showing how to use the items and tools from there video. Actual using the items how they would invest from scratch using the items in there video blows me away not one ever does this……like drop a 2 part especially now everyone wants to participate it would be a no brainer and double the views, upvote and comments unreal….

  3. What is the value of bitcoin? I'm not asking what the price is. I'm asking what the value is. Gold and silver have value, used in electronics and manufacturing. So can you explain to me what the value of bitcoin is?
    I'm trying to understand this. Thanks.

  4. Could you do a video on what the fee's are to transfer crypto from an exchange to a wallet? I want to use a cold wallet but am worried about the ETH fees involved and can't find any info.

  5. I really appreciate all of the information however for a beginner, it was pretty overwhelming and now i am a bit confused on how much, and how many items i actually need to secure my phone, pc and crypto.

  6. Hi Casey Thanks for the thought, time and detail you put into these vids . *I just want to get to another High Plateau and convert to cash — Then wait for a Temporary Crash and BUY LOW!! * Can you Do A Video on the Toughest Topic in Crypto .– *What is Your Gut and Best Educated Guess as to Where the Market is Heading in the * Next 1-2 months . And next 6 months. That is EVERYTHING. – Thats what we all need to Hash Out, No one Knows for sure but We Need to Start a Dialogue ** No one should Hold it against you if you Say what you think and the market Swerves and sinks instead of heating up and toping out. *I just want to get to another High Plateau and convert to cash — Then wait for a Tempory Crash and BUY LOW!! * Thats My Strategy

  7. A lot of great, solid advice! As my investments grow, I'm increasing my security along with it.

    Just a note, I tried to sign up for the ctemplar secure email but it requires a Invitation Code from a paid member or their support staff. Sounds like they implemented it to combat fake free accounts. I messaged support – so just an FYI.

  8. Love these kind of videos. Thanks. It would be cool if you would explain to us again why a seed phrase is inter-usable for different wallets. Only partially grasping it.

  9. I think Casey does an admirable job in educating users to the pitfalls of crypto, but I can’t help laugh at how contrived the whole thing is becoming.
    The very premise of decentralisation was meant as a form of empowerment for the public and the talk about it’s wide scale adoption would be based on it’s ease of use.
    Well that concept only ever gets further away as far as I can see. All these moves and counter moves just to hold finance, when regulated finance underpins capital in existing old world mechanisms (as long as you acted reasonably sensibly)

  10. A further thing you can do is split your 24 seed words into 3 groups of 8 (call them A, B and C), and store 2 of the 3 groups in each location. So location 1 would have A and B, but not C. Location 2 would have A and C but not B, and location 3 would have B and C but not A. You then need at least 2 of the three locations to recreate the full 24 word seed, if one location is compromised you're still safe.

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