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  1. the sun being white is something I knew by accident. my glasses reflected the light on the sun so the sun on the sun and I saw a reflection of the sun on my glasses it was white with black wavy edges and some hint of neon yellowish-green or greenish-yellow.

  2. “Cats and dogs are not colorblind. They mostly see… like a human with red/green colorblindness.”

    Hmm… sounds to me like they are colorblind…

  3. “Black body” does not mean something is black, but it is a concept used when talking about light emission. Sort of a “if we assume all the light coming from his thing is emitted from it (not reflected from other sources), what is the spectrum of light?” kind of thing. Truly black objects absorb all incoming light- that’s why they are black- so that’s why hot things that radiate visible light are treated as such.

    The sun’s spectrum is very white.

  4. Felix, us idiots believed a lot of dumb things in the 80's. We didn't have immediate resources to fact check. We had to walk uphill both ways barefoot in the snow to the library and back to get our facts.

  5. As much as I hate Hollywood, Split was not based on a person with schizophrenia. The film was explicitly based on a man who had multiple personality disorder, so I’m not sure what Felix is making reference to.

  6. I never heard that exercising shortly after eating gave muscle cramps but rather indigestion

  7. In my opinion. Napoleon was tall. I mean, if he was taller than the average french people, than it's logical that people at the time said he was tall. The fact should have been: "Napoleon wouldn't be considered tall now" because everyone seemed to be shorter at the time. It's like if Napoleon was past 6 feet tall now.

  8. You don't aim when shooting with two guns.. you point when shooting with two guns.. like you point with your finger.. it's gunfu

  9. The fact that you have to wait before go swimming is because most of your blood is in the diggestive system, and around the stomach mostly. If the bath you take is very cold, a lot of blood must go into muscles to protect it. When this happens, brain may not get enough blood (therefore less oxygen) and you may pass out for a moment. And water is a pretty bad place to pass out.

  10. Lief Erikson day is one of the biggest holidays here in the US. To celebrate we wear horned viking helmets and fake beards. Every American knows Lief's epic journey.

  11. Yes, Felix, you would've been one of the greatest minds of all time if you had just been born earlier, you're not at all the product of standing on the shoulders of those great minds (to paraphrase Newton himself) 😛

  12. Split correctly ascribes the main character with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Not Schizophrenia.

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