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“We are likely to start with a smaller number. The priority is really to allow families who have been separated for a long time since the start of Covid-19,” mentioned Minister Gan Kim Yong, including that particulars are nonetheless being labored out. Read extra: https://str.sg/3NcN

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  1. VTL is exciting but the more important thing is to set a target time for clearance per passenger. Otherwise the queue will be very long with the excuse more checks is needed due to covid. The gov to gov should be able to share by now who has been vaccinated so there is absolutely no need to check these at custom again and waste everybody’s time. If security is a concern, treat all travellers as default vaccinated and only share bet gov for those who are not yet vaccinated. For the swab tests results, custom officers should check early before the passport booth.

  2. WHO strongly recommends against movement restrictions & covid measures within, in and out of the country. WHO also states that if such restrictions were implemented, it should only last for a few days at max.

  3. Still talking. Singapore is heading for big trouble. No. No. No VTL with Malaysia. Their government and its citizens always say that turn of the tap. No water supply to Singapore. Wait for another 6 months.

  4. The dreadful breakthrough infection can effectively be prevented with VCO/Lauric Acid, and total community viral load can be lowered, do not play dice with Covid, try to protect the community and your loved ones at the same time.

  5. The notice still say "Digital Meet-the-People Session (from 26 Sep 2021 till further notice)",

    Siam of What? Expecting all the elderly and people with problems to be tech savvy? What the H.

    I think all the ministers should resume the MTPS and personally face to face serve their "FULLY VACCINATTED" Residents including maybe extending to all the fully vaccinated dorms workers to show their sincerity since face-to-face lessons for primary schools had resumed since October.

  6. These days, TRUST will not be granted easily for the basis were eroded.

    Voters deserve to be respected with the truths and not Cherry Picked Data to benefit them.

    Read Continuation;

  7. Hope that both country must be optimistic and
    reasonable price for those foreigers workers make
    their life easy and their family to far ahead future
    both country must stay harmony and united to
    build a better future.

  8. This man Cognitive Ability is in question.
    He is showing markers of Dementia.
    Anyone in Office above the age of 60 must go for testing to make sure they are sound mind n body.

  9. Basing on the data, I think either the MIW is too complacent at the expense of citizens’ life-safeties, or they are only focusing on business and enrichment for a handful of people.

  10. Let me Ensure? Ensure nothing basing on the daily infection rate and the number of daily demises, as we speak.
    These days, it's getting harder to trust anything from them.

  11. VTLs and Open Gates to influxes but metered freedom, New Coined Up Terms, More Protocols and Fines for Citizens?
    That's not mitigation, that's mere illusion and croc-tears would you say?

  12. No scientific merits and No Positive Results to do away with Quarantine. It's simply illogical in the context of Citizens Life-Safeties.
    Single Party is unwise and dangerous.

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