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Tyler Winklevoss – Why Bitcoin Is Going To A Million Dollars Get FREE $100 In Bitcoin When You Open Tax-Free IRA Crypto Account With iTrust Capital: …


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  1. Something I would like to understand is there's 21 million btc out there and 18 million are already in circulation and 1 bitcoin is around $45k. So how is another 3 million btc going to turn $45,000 into $1,000,000? How can that be possible?

  2. Moon boys are getting taught a lesson…there are no buyers for this BTC game—there is however money to be made trading oil / nat gas

  3. <I believe I've listened to at least half of all the youtubers who talk about Crypto and stock. You are easily the best most knowledgeable one. Your information is priceless and i find it truly baffling as youtubers completely look at TA and ignore the bigger narrative of why there is a pump. Btc pumped due to the future ETF release, It's kind of irresponsible to ignore the fact that each ETF launch so far has caused a major dump at the peak of BTC.The entire space has always been volatile that's why we must always back up our crypto so that you do not have to be bothered when it goes bearish.I have always played safe in the space with a less talked about medium, trad ing.Rather than buying the dip and waiting for a pump, I just get to trade my assets with insight and signal provision from Bruce Olsen I have made over 5 btc in November alone.>

  4. this information is months and months old, predicting what's going to happen in 2021, which is now!

  5. Lots of facts are wrong in this. Bitcoin up 19% this year and worth 10 million in April?? What are you even saying

  6. Honestly it’s gotten pretty funny seeing these gurus on YouTube making up excuses, “BTC is down because it’s a Fibonacci fart face full harvest moon cycle which is being impaired by quantum menstruation and multiplied exponentially by the square root of the number of times rain falls in Kathmandu.”

  7. <<Nice Video….We may either see a reversal and start declining or we may experience a further pump for a while.I'd say outrightly that the space is unpredictable so we shouldn't allow the dynamism of the space tell when to make profit off the market as I have been able to make more than 13 b tc in just October alone.I didn't do that from buying the dip and hodling but implementing trades with the sig nals provided by jeffrey wilford .The mar ket has seen worse situations than currently,so inorder to be able to ride with the wave our assets must be backed up with a medium that would enable us not feel the fall in price at beairsh moments.I'd suggest trad ing as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market.

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