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From the glittering spaceports of Sagallo to the austere runways of probably the most distant colony, the UC-67 could be discovered. Through its many variations it has develop into probably the most profitable aerospace craft in human historical past, used as every thing from a dropship, medivac, gunship, strike bomber, and every thing in between. In this episode, the Templin Institute supplies an outline and historical past of this iconic craft.

In Arsenal, the Templin Institute investigates the weapons, automobiles, and different constructs from throughout alternate worlds.

UC-67 Variant Poster: https://shop.templin.institute/collections/antares-confederacy/products/uc-67-mistaya-variants-antares-confederacy-poster

New episodes each week.

Model and Texture by SilverMobius.
Featuring renders by Angelos Karderinis | https://www.artstation.com/angeloskarderinis

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Background music “Break the Tide” by Immersive Music. Used underneath licence from PremiumBeat.com

Ending music “Battle Forever” used underneath license from Shutterstock.com. .

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  1. Funny that few of the initial colonists of Antares were from the western world but the dimensions of the Mistaya are still measured in imperial.

  2. A great ship, makes for an awesome video 💯
    Loving the more recent deeper and soothing voice. Combined with the background music, it transports you directly inside the universe 👌
    The perfect way to end the day 🖖

  3. love these additional videos for both the GTU and the confed and are some of my favorites. I always look forward to the next one.

  4. I would actually question how they would handle aircraft groundings because having the same standardize aircraft model would mean that any form of accidental crash would lead to mass groundings of entire Mistaya fleets given a lack of a replacement model

  5. I feel you somehow fell down the rabbit hole here. While telling the story of such a lander is cool and all, it would be even more interesting to have it not as a decided success story. Eg. these are small, and they are supposed to have supported bridgeheads in thousands of softies. Well that does not seem as planned. Why couldn't they use the tank landers? Yeah someone won the tender, but having like 4 competitors, with alien technology, with requirements that are on the very border of technology? For what is essentially a Blackhawk and has to perform that regularly and often? You have a good thing going here, but let the antarans struggle a bit more, not just politically…

  6. Was this an intentional callback to the Douglas B-23 Dragon (also called the UC-67) or was that purely by chance? The bomber was the B-23, while cargo variant was the C-67 then the UC-67 after 1943.

    I feel like this has to be intentional, somehow.

  7. I absolutely love the emphasis of something as extremely inconsequential and boring ingame as planetary warfare that the supplementary videos for Antares have. It really shows the creativity and writing prowess that the Templin Institute is capable of that they're able to make it so captivating.

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