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Sorry MrBeast You’re A Hypocrite (For Selling Burgers…)

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This video seems on the ridiculous try to
slander MrBeast, regardless of planting 20,000,000 bushes and elevating thousands and thousands to wash up our seashores and oceans, apparently it is all nugatory as a result of he isn’t vegan, or at the very least so far as this Vegan YouTuber is anxious, it is all very unhappy actually, hope you take pleasure in.

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  1. Holy… I almost got creative with my comments here for that title.. Thank god I watch your content first before comments. 😅😅

  2. What about all those animals displaced for land cleared for crops? There is NO perfectly ethical way to feed people. The leaching of nutrients from soil which messes up ecosystems, or fishing which can deleteriously effect oceanic ecosystems… Not a huge difference there.

  3. LOL, a neo-nazi company! Hateful, sexist companies. Does he mean the employees? The customers? He sounds like quite the little neo something himself. Also, if by harassment you mean responding to his bullshit 'en masse', that is still quite legal in non-autocratic countries, praise god or whatever for that. Calling a clown a clown isn't hate speech, which in itself, is pretty difficult to define in terms of freedom of expression. People 'feeling dissed' isn't grounds to punish or imprison someone. Thank god for that also.

  4. From a survival/evolutionary point of view, the species consumed by humans have a HUGE advantage compared to species we don't bother with. Just by sheer numbers, and BECAUSE we use them, they grow and thrive as a population and we do everything we can to keep it that way. Animal species who possessed or evolved traits that were useful to humanity saw their numbers soar on a planetary level. Now, remember kids, EVERY animal dies, including the human animal. The difference is how they die. Well, let's just say that humans kill livestock a lot more 'humanely' then predators, cold, disease and even old age do. And this wouldn't be the case if we didn't eat/use/value/appreciate them. Anyways, vegans suck just about as much as hippies do… most of them only doing it for the imaginary pussy points they will garner/ daddy issues they won't actually solve. Cheers!

  5. Tjis guy is or stupid or trying to get some of that vegan pungtang xD.
    Like vegan is the only solution haha, what about the feeling of the plants and trees. The only way this man can save the world and not hurt anything is by stopping to exist o.0

  6. Hey bro, what happened to your gaming channel SarCom? I tried supporting it by watching what videos were up and even started again Psychonauts 2 after checking out your video about it…sorry if the channel didn't work out though, that's too bad if that's the case. 😒

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2QzMmWxQOo&t=3s Check out this dudes video lol, love to see you destroy this guy, I'm not fussed what he thinks of Arcane I actually went on this video to get the perspective of someone who didn't like the show and he mentions the show once the rest is him bitching about PC gamers and people not funding his content. His review craft consisted of "it's garbage." how this guy has viewers is beyond me. It's cringe. 🤣

  8. I can’t get over how much you remind me of Nicholas Hoult man, any relation at all? 😂 seriously found your videos last night and can’t stop binge watching them! Very funny content bro keep it up!

  9. I like #TeamSeas , the fact it wouldn't happen without MrBeast is real and sad, so thank to MrBeast for that … and as much as Veganism isn't about environment to start with, it has great inpact on it, so there is a point … but MrBeast is a hypocrite, with all his wastefulness in his projects, doing so much unrecyclable waste, and with this, reaching young kids, teaching them it's okey to do so. Sad.

  10. If people turn vegan, then wouldn't be enough grass, leaf for veggie animlas to feed, they would become weak unable to run, being easy targets for predator, you know, lions, tigers, cheetahs, etc.

  11. why does it have to be a competition anyways… cant one person be vegan and one clean the oceans and they both be doing as good as they can… i think thats good enough… this is definitely a situation where both sides can win and be happy! yet… they compare everything to everything and try and figure out "whos better" how bout everyone do their best and we celebrate each other for it

  12. People who think being vegan is the solution to all environmental issues are willfully ignorant and completely delusional. Those who think growing cucumbers, or wheat, or any other non-animal products is completely clean and doesn't effect the environment need to give their heads a shake…or pull it out of the sand.

  13. "Vegans" refers to individuals that choice to live a life that limits suffering of animals. Their are extremists in every circle. That being said, one shouldn't lump all vegans together like I see in the comments . It's kind of prejudice.

  14. just feels like this guys' arguement is "Mr beast isn't vegan, therefor he is bad" lol – I mean, speaking of being in character, that does seem in character with the vegan stereotype… Intrusive and judgemental

    (Not shaming vegans, just saying, that's the stereotype I've come to associate with that lifestyle. It is likely just the vocal minority that gives it a bad rep for all I know.)

  15. Do vegans even hear what comes out of their mouths? They need a little meat in their diet so they can get raw nutrients that inhibit common sense… jesus

  16. What are the top 5 energy consuming industries?
    The most energy-intensive industries: petroleum refining; chemicals manufacturing; pulp and paper; food and beverage processing; and plastics manufacturing.
    Where the did you find a scource for your claim that servers use the most enegry in the world?! 😀 Funny coz his restaurants he now runs operate using all of the above 😀
    I love you bro but dont make up stupid sh*t.

  17. Why doesnt he buy these restaurants and serve more healthy food? i mean im not vegan but there is a huge difference between a junk food drive in where you get dogsh*t in 300 throw-away plastic garbage and a restaurant that makes quality food, so i kinda agree with that guy.

  18. Intensive petroleum based agriculture of vegetables and grains harm more animals and the environment than a ranch ever has. They are effectively monocultured, anti-ecological deserts, that are murder factories that make all but one plant Weeds, or Pests. There is nothing ecological or natural about modern agriculture that this guy thinks is so much more moral than ranching. Has this dumbass even been on a farm a day in his life?

  19. Killing 10,000 turkeys is not a good thing for the planet or for the animals. He could easily give away anything else.

    You do also realize that he makes more money from each video than he spends?

  20. My girlfriend got me into mrbeast, absolutely great dude with really fun content.

  21. Did anyone every get the tin whistle for guessing your surname? Also do done videos of your favourite tin whistle tunes. Ice bought a tin whistle and need to start playing it. Never played it before. Also love the videos, keep it up 👍

  22. So, the typical vegan telling you how he's vegan, and you need to be a vegan and everything that isn't vegan is evil. And he seems to be trying to use a bigger name to attempt to elevate his public profile.

  23. You know that he is the biggest clickbait lord the world has ever seen. I have yet to discover one of his many winner's. Where are this folks that he gifted millions?!? And if you ever bring yourself to actually watch their body language and facial expressions (the subtle ones), you can only conclude that most of his "content" is fake as hell.
    But hey, he managed to find and perfect a system to gain these followers and revenues, so props to him. I respect that.
    And if his plastic garbage collector ship and the other things he does for the environment aren't faked, I'll double down on respecting him.

  24. does this david ramms guy realize that no one wants to even be vegan? i dont like vegan alternatives cause they just dont taste right, i want real meat.

  25. hey man, I know it must be tiring to get up with so much new content every time, and finding out some don't have as many views despite your efforts. Like prolly 70% fan base found you through the fake martial arts video. But i found myself staying cause your editing is cool, and your personality is lots of fun. Keep creating brother!

  26. Glad to see more videos up on the channel keep working bro ….. Honestly your my favorite YouTuber

  27. This channel , Even if it has less subs or views ( views are ok i guess) .But the content is lit🔥

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