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Omar shares his 3 favourite low-cost microphones for YouTube Videos ****** Check out the most effective mic underneath $50 for YouTube HERE ➡️ https://geni.us/tnqe (Amazon)

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📒 Show Notes 📒

1️⃣ Comica CVM-VM10II Video Microphone
https://geni.us/tnqe (Amazon)

2️⃣ Deity V-Mic D4 Mini Video Microphone
https://geni.us/kFzMY (Amazon)

3️⃣ Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone
https://geni.us/BECQVTt (Amazon)

4️⃣ Pyle Microphone Boom Suspension Stand
https://geni.us/s1oBpBa (Amazon)

5️⃣ Mic Clip
https://geni.us/8ZUC (Amazon)

6️⃣ 1/8″ cable Extender
https://geni.us/twme (Amazon)

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In this video, study what the most effective low-cost microphones for YouTube movies are. These mics are the most effective microphone underneath $50.

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  1. Omar is the man 😁👍. My favorite tech u tuber. I hope he continues the great content.

  2. I’m gonna have to either upgrade my mic or completely go through every box in my garage. Just got home from 5 months in Saudi Arabia and I can’t find my external mic. It was supposed to be in one box but it’s not there. I’m pretty upset with myself for loosing my mic but I guess that’s what happens when you buy a house and move right before deploying.

  3. The comica was my very first mic I got for videos a couple years ago after watching in depth comparison video's and it besting the rode and everything else close or way more in price. I've been recommending it ever since I got it it's a little beast of a microphone. I recorded audio from it into my phone and put it up against a pro condensor mic into a interface and DAW and asked about 20 people which 1 was which and not 1 of them knew, it was at that moment I knew I spent way to much on fancy mics

  4. Nice video Omar. Well thought out. Deity would be good to daisy chan the mics for interview scenario as you said or if someone is recording stereo.

  5. 90% of video is audio. I can post a youtube video with a 15fps 320×240 webcam from 1995 with a solid microphone used correctly and that video can be successful (particularly if your content is stylized.) if I post a youtube video with a high end 8k camera with a high end studio with perfect lighting and a noisy overdriven or too-soft microphone and it drops out every couple of seconds or whatever, that video is going to bomb.

  6. What About the Boya BYmm1?? its also a brilliant little cheap microphone! I'm using this mic on my video shoots and vlogs aswell. Great audio quality!!

  7. MOVO VXR10 Pro is the best mic not included here for $50 that comes with all accessories with output for headphones monitoring.

  8. I have the Boya M1 mic. I have seen a few videos that say to connect to my Canon t8i I need to initially have it in the manual mode then go into my menu to adjust the settings in audio. Once the settings are in place can I then return to auto as I am still learning my camera and not to tech savvy. Does Think Media have a video for this set of the Boya M1? Thanks to anyone that can answer this question.

  9. I love the Diety. I turn it around and face me while I’m interviewing someone with a wireless mic. Good audio from both.

  10. Can tell me what case is on your phone? How to you get you mic to stat attached to your phone? Did I miss that somewhere in the video? I went back through and couldn’t find it.

  11. This is EPIC! Thanks for the help! Your channel is extremely helpful to do many people! Including me!

  12. What do you have your camera audio settings set to? (to get the best audio out of the mic?)

  13. I’m totally ready to purchase the deity d4 for interviewing but does the audio from the input retain the separate channels when exported from your smartphone?

  14. Absolutely NO reason to buy the Rode. The Comica is by far the best value. I wish I had learned about it before buying the D4 Mini. The D4 Mini is awesome and I love the sound quality, but I don't use the input feature so I could have easily saved those 20 USD and gotten the case too.

  15. Yep man voice is the major part of video and i discovered this 1 year ago also i am using boya m1 plus you can watch my recent video using that mic which in friendly not too bad considering 30 dollar mic

  16. I’m running the rode video micro for my talking head videos. I feel like my audio is pretty solid but sometimes I get comments that say my audio is no good and that always makes me feel like I need to buy something fancy.

  17. Dope video Omar! They all sound pretty similar and really good!! Having the mic close to you really makes them sound professional 🙌🏻

  18. I got the Rode mic, but honestly, I’ve found the built in mic on my iPhone 11 Pro sounds better. Am I hearing things?

  19. Helo i am very poor😥
    i dont have job to handle my family😭
    i work on YOUTUBE but no a good reponse😭
    youthink i am worse thank other😭😭.

  20. How do you not choose the deity for the 2nd mic input? Also there are other mics with a rear directional 2nd mic, how come those weren’t considered?

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