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The crypto protocols and initiatives that may stand the check of time are these that may scale to permit for enormous adoption ought to over a billion individuals use blockchain, stated Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO and founding father of FTX.

FTX is without doubt one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges and had not too long ago acquired the rights to rename the American Airlines Arena in Miami, house to the NBA workforce Miami Heat, to FTX Arena.

0:00 – Crypto market outlook
2:35 – The subsequent Bitcoin?
4:12 – Solana vs. Ethereum
7:32 – Picking cryptos
9:25 – Picking meme cash
12:40 – Staking
14:36 – FTX’s historical past
17:36 – WonderFi

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  1. His haircut is simply atrocious to human kind 😑 Solana is a terrible investment like his hair

  2. Sam was groomed out of MIT, he is prodigy genius but there are forces behind him, no one is that lucky or allowed to be that powerful. ETH gas and arbitrage presented unimaginable opportunity to the prepared global operator. You can't even buy any good crypto in the US, only VC pumped up 100x already coins. Glad the govt is protecting us from those free airdrops now worth millions

  3. All we need to know is that Warren Buffet once said: if throughout his investing career he didn't sell a single stock and just held he now be worth x10

  4. Safemoon building their own blockchain and their own Safemoon Exchange. Why does nobody ever talk about this

  5. Centralized garbage NO THANKS just use Bank of America then! More 🤡s pumping their bags per usual

  6. when I was following bitcoin in 2010. there was just a small group of people who were excited about it. most of them were young and bright. it was just a blip on the screen and no one cared. there was just a story of Mt. Gox that scared the shit out of everyone. other than that, history is now being made.

  7. it's funny how the gold community is grudgingly turning to cryptos. they can't handle the truth… G. Edward Griffin owns Bitcoin!

  8. solana is a centralized crypto, favored by billionaires. it may get adoption but its not a true cryptocurrency.

  9. And why is no one talking about pulsechain and that evry body getting a free copy puls is gonna outperform sol and eth

  10. SNK 100x coin with 5 million market cap NFT Game, great buying opportunity! Good Luck 🤗🌛

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  13. There is a under the radar crypto that can handle 500k tps (proven). Not gonna tell you though. Need to buy more first

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