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Bitcoin Black Friday Theory
0:00 Disclaimer – that is Edutainment and never Financial Advice – The opinions expressed within the video are for normal informational functions solely and aren’t meant to offer particular recommendation or suggestions for any particular person or on any particular safety or funding product. It is barely meant to offer training in regards to the monetary trade.
00:10 Red Day – a number of Pink Spots SOL LUNA FIL XLM
01:00 New Variant – Endemic Times
02:00 NU529 Update
03:00 Markets Hit
04:00 Oil Took a Hit Down 15%
05:00 DXY Back in Channel
06:00 Bitcoin Historical Returns – Thanksgiving to Y/E
07:00 Bitcoin Historical Returns – Thanksgiving to Y/E
08:00 Bitcoin Options Expiry as we speak (Nov 25 #’s)
09:00 Whales 100-10K BTC Continue to Buy
10:00 Black Friday – Bitcoin 20% off ATH
11:00 Nayib Nailing the Dips
12:00 2 Bitcoin ETF’s Like Funds Launched in SG
13:00 Mark Yusco – Monetary Value of Gold Equivalence
14:00 Solana the Next Bitcoin??
15:00 Solana X Energy Less than 2 Google Searches
16:00 Vitalik on It – Sharding Rollout
17:00 Quotes Can Bite Us!
18:00 Meanwhile again on the Bitcoin Network
19:00 Celsius CFO Arrested in Israel
20:00 Southpark Predicts BTC is in our Future
21:00 S&P500 vs FED
22:00 Interest Rates – All Time – Debt All Time High
23:00 Hillary Calls Joe to Partner w Europe on Crypto
24:00 Freedom vs FIAT Control
25:00 “Yes FIAT is Doing a Great Job”
26:00 Bank of England Concerned w El Salvador??
27:00 CBDC Control Coming – Tanzania newest .

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194 shares, 216 points

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  1. James asked, "When ever did the Bank of England care about El Salvador?"
    Well put, what a great question.

  2. Well, I am still concerned about the Celsius CFO issue. And is not about the arrest itself. Is about the fact that for 2 days the mods on the Reddit sub for Celsius have deleted any reference to the arrest. Any mention of this was deleted in 5 minutes. And this is not very open and transparent. it is the opposite. I don't know about others, but for me this level of censorship is a really big red flag.

  3. Wait… Am I dreaming, because I could swear there was a Gray Swan video that he put out just a few days ago, and I’m not seeing it. James, did you remove it?

  4. No virus mutation is ever more than 0.3% from the original.. The original has a survival rate of over 99.7 % in almost everyone under 80.every virus has tens of thousands of mutations, purely because viruses don't always make perfect replications of themselves this has never been about a virus, this is about controlling every aspect of your life

  5. James sooo glad , I found you are the most honest man and on you tube … and an animal lover !! People may not like what you say .. It is logical sense … IT All ADDS up !!! T y

  6. Just wait for the "varients" that will come during the miderm elections next year…This only ends when people stop complying with tryanny.

  7. Pump Covid, rape the longs and all the youtuvpbe guys wil pretend nothing is coordinated…

  8. Hi – love your stuff am a new subscriber – how do you suggest storing BTC & ETH – is ity safe to keep on the major exchanges like CB and GEMINI etc…

  9. Hey James the time stamps are I believe a minute off It looks like you have a double line around six and seven minutes

  10. No, Hillary DOES NOT HATE Crypto! Even most of the heavy hitter here on YouTube ALL Welcome REGULATION so crypto can take off. PLEASE Stop Drinking the Confederate-GOP KOOLAID! — You are SMARTER than that!

  11. Yea, of course there's going to be more "variants" and Fudd. Sure must suck to be one of those dupes who fell prey to the fear prpgnda and allowed themselves to be subjected to the mRNA experiment

  12. Politicians are Pathetic. Bankers are low life criminals. Free the ppl. Prosperity for all.

  13. As a LONG-TERM Investor, I pray for my African fellow human and hope they will not be hurt in any serious way, BUT, I SEE THIS AS A PURE-BUYING OPPORTUNITY, plan & simple! — I'm not at all stressed, accept if I didn't have enough to Buy, Buy Buy more SOLANA! — Thanks for you continued Excellent work!

  14. I love your show but I’m still curious why you don’t talk much about the use case of XRP and what is happening with its partnerships with banks and central planners around the globe. Just curious if you could share your insights on this. I do hold some XRP, BTC, SOL, ETH, and some of the other assets you discuss but I don’t see BTC or ETH being able to fill the void XRP can fill. Readily available news from many credible websites give me the impression that XRP will have a have major role in use case in the near future. Please tell me why I should continue to hold XRP. Thanks!

  15. @InvestAnswers – MAS is the Monetary Authority of Singapore. They are Singapore's Central Bank and financial regulator.

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