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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:31 New Clothes
00:01:19 How Dominic and RH Met
00:01:56 CMC Censorship / Market Cap Is A Vanity Metric
00:06:13 Rug Pulls
00:08:46 RH Building His Own Coin Ranking Site?
00:10:34 HEX Transparency
00:11:12 Pseudonymity
00:11:19 BTC Counterparty Risk
00:11:53 BTC Inflation Bug
00:12:58 “Code Is Law”
00:13:56 10,000 Coins
00:14:16 Price Charts: HEX vs ETH vs BTC ( LookIntoHex.com/hexbtc )
00:16:29 PulseChain: Forking Ethereum w/ System State
00:19:34 PulseChain Other Benefits: PoS / Tokenomics
00:20:07 PulseSwap / Domain Names
00:21:01 PulseChain Sacrifice
00:22:09 PulseSwap / Uniswap Forks
00:22:53 Sacrifices / Political Statements
00:24:12 Free Claiming HEX and Other Coins
00:25:56 Frisby On BTC’s Price
00:28:03 Technical Analysis: BTC and ETH / “Judas Candle”
00:29:56 ETH Surpassing BTC
00:31:40 Metaverse / NFTs / Art
00:34:05 BTC VS Gold
00:34:44 “Gold Is To Money As Horses Are To Transport”
00:35:38 BTC Dumping Like Crapcoins Despite Liquidity
00:36:13 Proof of Waste / Miners Are Not Your Friends / BCH Fork
00:39:58 Ethereum Is Better Than Bitcoin
00:40:51 BTC Dumping Like Crapcoins Despite Liquidity
00:41:27 Older Coins (ZEC / DASH / LTC / BCH / XMR) Not Recovering Like BTC
00:42:09 Monero (Anonymity Set / Bug)
00:42:29 HEX Flawlessness VS All The Hacks and Bugs In Crypto
00:43:07 Blockstream Screwing BTC Users By Selling Cloud Mining / Liquid Instead of Improving BTC
00:44:32 BTC Developers Leaving
00:44:59 Why HEX Price Is De-correlated / “Heart’s Law” (Bonded Liquidity)
00:46:46 Bull Market: Small Caps Pump Harder Than Large Caps / Reverse Is Also True / Actual Leverage VS Free Leverage
00:48:08 ETH Outperforming BTC
00:48:28 Importance of Buying The Right Coin
00:49:08 HEX Is An Amazing Opportunity
00:49:41 HEX Benefits Simply Explained
00:52:03 HEX Demographics
00:52:12 SIM Swap Scam
00:54:59 How To Buy HEX
00:55:51 *PSA: Secure Your HEX Properly! / Avoid Scams*
00:58:08 Crypto Is Paradigm Shifting
00:59:06 Crypto Narratives VS HEX Incentivizes Buying and Holding
00:59:43 Amir Taaki
01:00:50 BTC Developers Leaving
01:01:02 Jeff Garzik Is Scum
01:02:23 Top Signals (3 Year Bull Run / Celebrity NFTs/ World’s Richest People Bought / TA / Historical 85% Dumps / Manic Buying / Fees)
01:04:48 Reduced Dips Due To Inflation?
01:05:32 Frisby’s 4 Phases To Market Cycle
01:06:38 TA Theory Doesn’t Always Work Perfectly
01:07:47 HEX and Technical Analysis
01:08:44 Monero / Tornado.Cash / Importance of Privacy
01:10:27 Free Coins For HEX / DeFi Users
01:11:40 Crypto Is A Full Time Job
01:12:26 PulseChain and PulseSwap / Uniswap Forks
01:13:17 Sacrifice Phase In 1 Month?
01:14:00 AMMs Explained
01:16:23 Wash Trading on AMMs?
01:17:21 DeFi Scams VS HEX Flawlessness
01:18:02 Founders and Holders Get Rich
01:18:15 Importance of Buying The Right Coin / HEX Benefits
01:18:29 HEX Code Is Not Open-source
01:18:42 HEX Staking Creates Positive Feedback Loop
01:18:56 HEX Price and Opportunity
01:19:21 PulseChain Sacrifice Set
01:19:44 Freemium Pulse
01:20:28 Forked Stablecoins On PulseChain?
01:21:26 Coin Ranking Sites Listing 10,000 New Coins?
01:21:40 Metamask Makes Onboarding New Users Easy
01:22:16 Bridges
01:23:41 Getting Rid of Middlemen and Exchanges
01:25:39 Freedom VS Monopolies / Decentralized Video Sharing
01:31:33 Crypto Can Truly Change The World
01:31:51 More Timestamps In The Replies! .

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  1. mug why would you buy a 1000pound pair of shit gold trousers that's sickening. why don't you give it to a homeless person if you got that much money to spunk on shit

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  3. Absolutely loved the interview! Great knowledge exchange… Can’t wait for pulseswap 💎💎💎

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  5. won't be buying hex or pulse. Richard "heart" is shifty af, wickepdia is open edit crap. – don't care how much it goes up, he doesn't have the devs to make it because they don't like or trust him. by the way btc to 0 is bs

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  7. Great inputs Richard, just one quick input about the focus off while talking, there is a setting on the camera where you can turn of auto focus/auto face recognition. When you turn that off the lens will be able to focus similar on multiple objects rather than one as you have right now.

  8. Those who think alts can compete with Bitcoin LITERALLY does not understand what money means. Bitcoin is the reserve money and “store of value” crypto! Don’t let Richard’s technical knowledge separate you from your Bitcoin!

  9. Richard Hart is an idiot. Can’t replace Bitcoin with a new alt coin because the act of doing so causes an IMMEDIATE “loss of confidence” cascade for all cryptos. Digital money (Bitcoin) by definition, must last at least a hundred years. BITCOIN (as programmable money) is the “new Bitcoin.”

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