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Interview with Alec Torelli, poker professional. His channel is: https://youtube.com/channel/UC-ZBaTOk9gZsIRAA6E6PlgQ HEX shares went up 10,000x in value #PulseChain dot com is superb. HEX dot com is superb. Go there now! Seriously. Actually go there proper now! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.COM/RICHARDHEARTWIN
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00:00:04 Introduction
00:02:12 HEX Simply Explained
00:03:39 HEX APY (18-60%)
00:04:27 HEX VS CDs
00:05:45 HEX VS BTC
00:08:49 HEX Yield VS Staker Participation
00:09:58 Nixon Shock ( https://wtfhappenedin1971.com/ )
00:12:14 HEX Is Superior To BTC
00:13:16 Honesty In HEX VS Parade of Imaginary Horribles
00:17:27 Economic Centralization and Incentives
00:22:03 Little Known Flaws In BTC
00:22:47 Irrelevant Laws In Crypto (Lindy Effect, Metcalfe’s Law, Gresham’s Law, Veblen Goods)
00:24:43 Replacement Goods VS Complimentary Goods
00:25:25 NFTs
00:27:11 HEX Community
00:28:03 BTC Changing Narratives
00:28:26 Branding: HEX VS BTC
00:29:07 Chat Rooms: HEX VS PLS
00:29:31 PulseChain VS Ethereum
00:29:55 Ethereum Benefits and Crazy Fees
00:31:39 PulseChain As A Solution
00:32:31 PulseChain Throughput (VS ETH VS BSC)
00:33:54 No More Freemium Clawback
00:35:13 Bridging ERC-20s/PRC-20s Pairs Could Be Largest Yield Farming Project Ever
00:38:00 PRC-20s Will Exist With Or Without Frontends
00:40:39 PRC-20 Values
00:42:16 Justin Sun / Three Arrows Capital
00:42:51 Not Pruning Ethereum
00:43:23 Bridging Admin Keys
00:45:19 Economic Centralization (BNB VS PLS VS TSLA VS HEX)
00:52:00 Founders Permanently Holding VS Selling: Satoshi (BTC) / Musk (TSLA) / OA (HEX) / Larimer (BTS,EOS)
00:57:11 HEX Copycats Failing
01:00:14 HEX Is Special (The Best: Logo, Price Chart, Founder, Community, Stake Length, Security)
01:01:15 Everything Else Hacked
01:02:32 Average Stake Length: 5.8 Years
01:03:07 Encapsulated Stakes
01:06:36 Pre-Virality (JRE, Documentary, Hex731gathering.com )
01:09:31 Social Signaling
01:09:57 New Users Come From The Community
01:10:33 Virality Usually Happens After Around 2 Years
01:11:21 Haters
01:13:36 Fake Longevity Supporters Quiet About (And Absent From) PulseChain Sacrifice
01:14:58 Billionaires Not Funding Longevity
01:16:01 Calling The Top In 2017 and 2021 ( Richardheart.com )
01:17:15 Bear Market Incoming
01:22:01 Top Signals (Richest People Bought / Celebrity NFTs / Fees)
01:23:09 Liquidity / Limit Orders
01:24:00 Market Cap Is A Vanity Metric
01:27:19 Liquidity / Supply and Demand / Changing Narratives
01:29:20 HEX VS BTC: Opportunity
01:30:03 CMC Gatekeeping
01:30:21 Buy HEX Here: Dharma.io / Hexican.retailer / HEX.com/buyandstake / 1inch.io / Matcha.xyz / Bridge.renproject.io
01:32:24 Advice For Billionaires Buying HEX
01:33:36 HEX Price VS eHEX + pHEX Prices
01:36:36 HEX.com/techspecs
01:37:21 PulseChain Fork Timeline
01:39:37 RH Funding Longevity
01:40:41 PulseChain VS Solana
01:42:01 Parade of Imaginary Horribles Continued
01:45:26 So Much Opportunity For HEX
01:46:17 Dips / Volatility VS Mad Gains
01:48:15 Apologies
01:48:57 T .me/Scivive / Self-Help Videos
01:49:45 RH’s Success
01:51:00 Interviewers Signing Off

01:52:23 HEX Making Millionaires
01:52:49 The Highest of Gains
01:53:10 Compliments
01:53:33 Vitalik Donations
01:53:54 New Designer Clothes
01:55:41 Not Smiling?
01:55:52 Yoga Mat
01:56:34 Alec / Poker
01:56:45 Sacrificing
01:57:15 Ear Ringing
01:57:21 Important Links
01:58:31 Hex731gathering.com
01:58:51 Conclusion .

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  1. Thanks, @Richard Heart for everything that you are doing for the Crypto Community and the retail investors 🙏

  2. With my heart in my hand, HEX will loose lots of love, if Richard really things that he is the best….Why so much best boy….I would love to help you Richard….. We're all genius and we all now things that you don't…You can always contact me

  3. First time seeing this guy. I really need him to back off the "greater than thou" mentality. It's brainwashing those uninformed. He's smart enough to get a lot of people in trouble. They don't know what they are doing.

  4. Hello,
    An associate of mine had their YouTube channel hacked by… you? Or someone disguised as you. They were promoting hex and using your videos. I’ve seen a few other channels suffer from this and quite frankly it negatively effects your reputation. Many people are too afraid to speak out and/or are getting silenced with their YouTube channels getting hacked and removed.

    Can you address this?

  5. wait he said NFT's aren't even on the blockchain?? how is that possible if they are minted on the chain?? Im confused, can anyone explain this to me!

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