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Preston Pysh talks with Dylan LeClair & Will Clemente in regards to the impression that Bitcoin derivatives are having on volatility and value motion. Additionally, they cowl their favourite on-chain metrics to know Bitcoin’s strikes.

0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:05 – How they’ve realized a lot at such a younger age?
0:13:09 – Long-term Versus Short-term traders and utilizing their on-chain fingerprint to assist handle longer-term positions.
– What metrics they might concentrate on for a market prime indicator?
0:24:28 – How they give thought to volatility and the way derivatives are impacting the Bitcoin Price Action?
– Borrowing premiums and the way it can present clues into oversold or overbought circumstances.
1:02:36 – The most misunderstood facets of on-chain information

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  1. Wonderful interview, and loved to hear about Will working overnights at Michael’s while listening to your podcast! Yes, we can learn how to change with people like you❤️

  2. I wish they would have shown charts in the video, would have been helpful. Also, what are perps? Thanks!

  3. <Thank you for your videos mate. I will advice traders esp newbies to have orientation of trading before they get involved in it because the cyrpto market has been unstable, forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. when news gets bearish start buying. "Keep it simple" That correction was the best thing that happened me. but all thanks to James Michael Arrington for his amazing skills for help me to earn 13 BTC through trading chart. I believe we are in the spring phase,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Will an Dylan are just incredible! That's true talent! It's astonishing how Bitcoin has a way of revealing the truth in everyone and everywhere!

  5. The bag of skittles, has become my Bitcoin reality, it has become so unaffordable that to get a full bag of skittles(1 BITCOIN) I will have to try and buy in 60 pieces, I cant even see me getting all the red skittles before that dream also disappears and It becomes 120 pieces on next move up. But anyway great show, loved the info, love all Bitcoin shows, not sure why, they just reenforce the issue, I missed the boat and can’t afford ticket for next one😉. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE USA🍻

  6. intelligence speaks wisdom listens, we can all learn from each other, regardless of age or any other biases or differences we may have between us

  7. Or maybe they just sound like they know what they are talking about to the vast majority of crypto plebs🤫🤔

  8. right on boys !! ego issues go with the age groups cuz anybody babyboomer or older are da ones that need to sit n do homework all over again

  9. It can go to 10k, 1k or even $10. Every thing is possible. I like your graphs… but I notice too many lines/circles – it’s a grid… and price is moving through that 2D space and it will touch the grid several times and price moves up or down to hit another cell in the grid. You are bound to be right most of the times. But what is realistically possible considering all the development that took place since the last cycle? Don’t get me wrong… I respect your analysis…But trading with Daniel has given me positive hope of not having about the dip or future I just keep on stacking more… thanks for posting though!.

  10. hello guys, does moving coins from one wallet to another wallet owned by the same person increase the Market cap value vs the Realized cap value even if there is no exchange of value? In other words, there is no sale of the coins moved they are simply transferred from, for instance, My wallet A to My wallet B?

  11. They dont have preconceived notions about what is money and the legacy system, they are just learning when old people have to destroy their belives first before learning.

  12. You 3 are awsome! As far as tax discrepancy and chainalysis, this underscores my biggest beef with Bitcoin: it's not fungible. So it CANT be a money. Taproot wont solve this. Monero wont solve it for long. Bitcoin would need a homomorphic encryption on its base layer like $DERO to solve this. So long as its traceable, the people will not be free and Bitcoin will have an attack surface from centralized powers.

  13. they were not good at school because the subject on which they would get A+ didn't exist yet.

  14. Great interview. Will and Dylan are amazing. Can't understand all but I do understand to HODL 😀

  15. Who's got the link to the rap that Preston spent so many hours on and why isn't it in the show notes? Feels pretty important given it was the hardest question asked!

  16. Literally nailed the bottom out of a market? How would one literally nail something out at all? I typically nail things on.

  17. Wow those guys are so clever at such young ages! As a regular dude with no financial background I do my best to learn from you all but can’t keep up lol.
    Thanks again @PrestonPysh

  18. I am a doctor, very intense lengthy education, but I feel so intellectually inferior when I listen to this trio.
    Thanks you guys.
    Help us plebs to see what the future of the world looks like.

  19. Fantastic job, the young men are very inspirational ~way ahead of most at that age. Great for the future of the space! Keep up the good work Preston!

  20. This was a bit difficult for me to follow but I think there is some value here. If anything, it's good to keep the young energetic wiz kids on your radar.

  21. They were born into the digital world.
    It's THE event and THE money of their generation and all generations to come.
    These are the Children of Satoshi coming of age.
    More will follow.

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