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136 shares, 158 points

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  1. Keep the masses dumb, unhealthy, and in debt. That combined with strategic population control ensures the elites a future where their reign is secure.

  2. My dad was a seed salesman for Pioneer (a DuPont company) and I remember that when my brother and I were kids we'd play in the warehouse jumping from pile to pile of the seed bags stacked on pallets. My dad used to always tell us that if certain bags ever broke, to sweep up the seeds and NEVER EVER touch the seeds with our bare hands because if it somehow got into our eyes or mouth we'd get really sick. Granted, this type of corn wasn't designed to be eaten by people. But I still always felt like something was off about those two varieties (one was bright orange and the other bright purple, both had a thick powdery coating with a bunch of different chemicals meant to make them more "resilient" or something like that). Sure no human was going to eat this corn seed, but the chemicals on it were going into the ground, and possibly into feed for cattle/pigs at commercial feedlots. So we end up ingesting it either way.

  3. the first time i heard about this company i was watching a recap about the movie black water i thought it was a scary scifi movie

    then i looked up the company dupont and a found that this tumor actually existed

  4. Add the phrase of your thumbnail in your SEO settings dude.
    Just spent 10 minutes looking for the video. It came across my timeline once. Thankfully my history had more of your videos to trace you back.

  5. An often overlooked fact about DuPont was their combined efforts with the paper business to criminalize cannabis.

  6. As a Chemist, is there's single company, that didn't side with the third Reich, profit of war, slavery, or polluted the environments, or endangered customers or employees? You should read it as and or…

  7. So much corruption and so much toxic waste. Strip theese companies back to basic living but without the reset. Good video but bring back the dislike button even know I like this video.👍👍👍

  8. bro just said these documentaries are too controversial to be ever released to the public but now it's on youtube, it's basically public. what a chad, i like this guy

  9. Rubbish! Few numbers; just ranting. "Chemicals are bad." cried the simpleton. Grow up!

  10. All man made chemicals are evil, according to your theses. That including drugs and vaccines. Go natural, Homo Sepiens.

    By going “natural “, we will not global warming, automobiles, electricity, cell phone, computers, air conditioners, and over population, Some of us won’t even be born.

    What a wonderful place this would be!

  11. Ah great documentary! You deliver the message very well! I've been wanting to make one but I'm unable to articulate my thoughts and what I know into simple understandable terms.
    Edit: I want to get into conservation so I have some stuff I want to share

  12. When it's all about money, then nothing else will ever matter. A handful of people will burn the world down and kill us all just to keep making more money. And unless there is a cultural shift, where we stop placing such importance on profit, there will always be someone eager to take the place of these people and keep the train of destruction going.

  13. Good job Jake…..and oh, by the way…it’s truTH…truth. Not truF. O such word as truf, unless you were raised around a certain ethnic minority….

  14. Carey Lake in Hibbing Minnesota is contaminated because there was a Dupont building there. I don't think they tore down the shell of the building yet. Its a place folks go to visit.

  15. well, it is not the product that is toxic, it is just the waste product of the process of making it.
    they could bite the expenses and bring a awsom product to the masses or be greeedy and fuck up evryone for a bit mor

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