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0:00 How I Plan To Navigate The Market
1:17 $1000 Giveaway
1:49 What Happened?
3:14 I’m A Big Believer In This Space
4:50 It’s A Marathon
5:40 This Is Unavoidable
6:20 One Trade To Become A Multimillionaire
8:00 Everybody’s Soft
8:46 People Will Choose The Easy Way Out
9:36 Nothing Changes
10:18 What’s Going On In The Mainstream Markets
11:52 Krown’s Prediction
13:00 Reviewing Byzantine General Tweets
14:10 Hopping Into The Questions
16:48 Lengthening Cycle
18:06 Ansem Is The Goat
19:13 Ethereum Is Breaking Away From Bitcoin
21:05 This Dip Had Nice Conclusions
22:11 The Only Way Forward
23:27 If We Go Boring
23:47 Luna
25:00 Good Tech Will Be Bought
26:11 Raoul Pal Statement
28:02 This Is Not Over
28:46 P2E
29:33 I’m Not Going To Tell You To Sell
30:17 All You Have To Do Is Stick To A Plan
31:35 It’s Ok To Laugh
32:10 Crypto IsWay Too Big To Fail
33:20 The YouTube Algo
33:40 Having A Long Time Preference Is Key
34:15 OpenSea Volume
35:50 Neo Tokyo Competition
37:27 Hopping Into Questions
38:48 Play. The. Games!
39:50 Don’t Mistake Brains For A Bull Market
41:10 I Want You To Understand Why
42:18 We Ain’t Seen Pain Yet
43:33 What Happened In 2020
45:34 The Institutional Mindset Is Set For 2022
46:28 We’re All In This Together
47:40 Superchats
49:44 It’sAbout Long Term Success
50:30 I’m Wearing a Rugrats Shirt
51:33 We’re On The Ride Of Our Lives

DISCLAIMER: This shouldn’t be monetary recommendation! This is an leisure and opinion-based present. I’m not a monetary adviser. Please solely make investments what you possibly can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your individual analysis earlier than investing. DYOR


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139 shares, 161 points

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  1. Man I don't think they'll wait till next year to taper agressively and increase interest rates. There will be a crash to some extend and Btc will follow along with the crypto market. This is where the biggest opportunity of all time might come.

  2. Thanks a lot for all your precious advices and all the useful information you are providing.

  3. Will superfarm be released before X-mas? It's best time for new stuff. sorry my eng.

  4. its great people looking for new all time highs. Thinking more pain to come. nobody bearish even after thousands of %

  5. All this green today and my portfolio still managed to drop 3%. Goes to show you green means nothing. % green going up but prices aren't moving. Exchanges are scammers.

  6. Thanks for the vids Elliot. One suggestion, can you consider increasing the resolution of your vids? Better on the eyes for all of us! Appreciate you. ✊

  7. Good vid, thanks.
    And thanks for explaining the technical terms, that does help.

    I like to grow in my knowledge from these videos, so assuming some of us don't have all the detailed financial background is helpful.

  8. Love your videos but hate your click bait titles, you don’t need these! Example, this is not the worst crash ever

  9. I paid off my house with the Volatility of ETGP COIN.Just goes to show you the power of cryptos.

  10. does anyone know specifically what he means when it comes to the zkrollups airdrops? I connected to the sync wallet and transferred a little eth. but not really sure what else there is that we're supposed to do to help us get more airdrops, or even any? thanks

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