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In his video I reveal How Much I Make As A YouTuber In One Year.

There are so some ways to earn cash by having a YouTube channel. In this video I reveal the most typical manner that everybody is aware of plus I share 4 different methods you may make cash by being on YouTube.

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  1. Great video Marshall,I absolutely enjoyed it👌. Money is still a sensitive subject for most ppl and I wish we could speak about it a little more 🇿🇦. We should never see such content as “bragging “ especially with the current unemployment rate, this is proof that it’s possible to make it online.
    All the best with your channel🤝

  2. Can you make a video on how to deal with Tax (SARS), from making money from various online sources?

  3. Thank you Marshall my favorite is Affiliate Marketing. Can you make a video about a case study on how to promote it. Thank you for the awesome job of uplifting our people.

  4. I’ve done over 100 video on money online never worked.For some reason I trust you thanks

  5. I was following TP from Canada the day l was just browsing the you pop up since am following you

  6. My favourite method would be selling digital products. I love seeing other YouTubers dashboards haha! Congrats on all the income in 2021. Side note: As a student in one of Marshall's courses I would say he is a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about making money to sign up for a course on his website.

  7. My favourite YouTuber is Marshall 😁 But I also enjoy watching the price family channel.

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