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How To Run Profitable TikTok Ads For Your Ecommerce Brand ($0 – $7k/day information)

If you wish to add $30k-$125k/month to your e-commerce model by having my staff run and handle your TikTok adverts for you, click on the hyperlink down under.


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* Ignore the grammer please – it’s for web optimization *

In this video, I share all the things you must find out about operating Tik Tok adverts for eCommerce & Dropshipping. I’ve been spending months studying Tik Tok adverts from 7 determine Tik Tok Ads specialists.

Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/ethandobbin
Twitter ► https://twitter.com/Ethan__Dobbins
Website ► https://dropshippingwarrior.com/instances…

My identify’s Ethan Dobbins and on this channel, I present you the precise suggestions and most important methods to develop your dropshipping retailer from $0 to $100,000 monthly!

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Music: http://www.youtube.com/consumer/CHUKImusic and Beats made by Chuki Beats.

Contact ► ethan@igwarrior.com


00:00 – Intro

01:45 – Why TikTok Ads

09:26 – Setting Up A U.S TikTok Account

15:05 – TikTok Ad Manager Explained

16:35 – Testing Products On TikTok

18:35 – Setting Up A Campaign Live

25:28 – Optimizing Your Website

27:32 – How I Write My Descriptions

32:06 – My Favorite Shopify Apps

37:34 – Creating Winning TikTok Ads (Framework)

41:06 – Creating Winning TikTok Ads (Tips)

43:42 – Finding Winning Ads For Inspiration

46:32 – Setting Up Columns

48:30 – Analyzing Product Tests

50:18 – Main Problems You’ll Face With TikTok Ads

53:07 – Scaling To $30k/extra with TikTok Ads

52:44 – Sourcing Clips For Our Video Ads

55:26 – Writing Benefits For Our Winning Ads

56:55 – Editing Our Ad With Wondershare Filmora

59:30 – Final GlamLips Ad

1:03:55 – My Dragonites Ain’t Happening

1:04:10 – Creating Your TikTok Campaign For Any Winning Product

1:12:10 – Checking In On Our Campaigns After A Few Days .

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  2. This is a fantastic video! I make a lot of content that is about how creators can monetize/make money through their business(es) as well – pumped to see others making stuff in the same space. 🙂

  3. Hi I want to book a call but I live in France so I don't know which hour to choose for the call …

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  5. Hey, I have a brand that made me a few month ago 20k with a few influencers, is definitely a winning product with a crazy potential. Your agency can run my ads and scale it to high numbers per month for a 30% of the profit ? (Any payment more than the 30% of profit)Let me know

  6. Should I also put the US adress into my shopify store? I heard that tiktok ads sometimes won't run if your website isn't setup correctly. Not sure if thats true tho

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