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Ramanas Park is a particular place in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl the place gamers can catch Legendaries from earlier Pokémon video games. Some Legendaries are model exclusives, so you will must commerce with somebody who has the opposite copy to fully flesh out your National Dex. But earlier than you can begin catching these huge monsters, you must unlock Ramanas Park first. Not to say, you should have the particular Slate for every Legendary if you wish to catch it. Let’s step by means of it.

How to unlock Ramanas Park

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You can solely entry Ramanas Park after you might have grow to be the Champion by defeating the eight gymnasium leaders and the Elite Four and have grow to be the Champion.

Next, you should see all 151 Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region Pokédex. Note that you do not want to catch them, simply see them. This might be finished with out buying and selling with anybody just by battling NPCs and encountering wild Pokémon in your recreation. You may get a Pokédex entry for the alternative Legendary out of your recreation, Dialga or Palkia, by speaking to Cynthia’s Grandmother in Celestic Town after you have captured your personal Dialga or Palkia.

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Then, return to Sandgem Town and speak with Professor Rowan. Professor Oak exhibits up, arms you the National Dex, and tells you about Ramanas Park.

Where is Ramanas Park?

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Travel southeast utilizing Surf within the water under Sandgem city, and you’ll arrive at Ramanas Park very quickly.

How does Ramanas Park work?

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This is a particular space full of caves. You can encounter Legendary Pokémon inside these caves so long as you place the right Slate on the pedestal to summon them. Slates take the type of Pokémon cartridges from earlier Nintendo consoles. For occasion, the Rainbow Slate for summoning Ho-Oh seems to be like a Game Boy Color cartridge, whereas the Oceanic Slate for summoning Kyogre seems to be like a Game Boy Advance cartridge.

Some Legendaries share a cave, whereas others have a cave all to themselves. Since there are a complete of 14 Legendaries to catch in Ramanas Park, you will have to accumulate 14 Slates whole to catch all of them. You will then must commerce with somebody who has a special model than you to get the opposite 4 unique Legendaries.

How to get Slates Mysterious Shards within the Grand Underground

To get Slates, you need to dig up Mysterious Shards within the Grand Underground digging minigame. They can both be small or massive, however they’re fairly uncommon to return by. You is likely to be digging down there for a very long time earlier than you discover any.

Once you have collected both three Mysterious Shards S or one Mysterious Shards L, return to Ramanas Park and speak to the NPC on the constructing entrance to commerce it for a Slate. You don’t get to decide on which Slate you obtain, however they’re given out within the order listed within the earlier chart.

Slate information Which Slate for which Legendary Pokémon?

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Each Legendary Pokémon can solely be encountered in a particular Room inside Ramanas Park. You should discover and insert the right slate to make them seem in that room. Some Legendaries are unique to both Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, so you will must commerce to get all of them. Most Legendary Pokémon might be at stage 70 whenever you combat them right here.

Slate/Room Legendary Pokémon Version
Discovery Regirock, Regice, Registeel BD
Song Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres SP
Management Raikou, Entei, Suicune BD
Soul Latios, Latias Both
Rainbow Ho-Oh BD
Squall Lugia SP
Oceanic Kyogre Both
Tectonic Groudon Both
Stratospheric Rayquaza Both
Genome Mewtwo Both
Distortion Geratina (Origin Forme) Both

How to catch Legendary Pokémon

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Now that you have the Slate, you should discover the corresponding cave or Room within the Ramanas Park and place the Slate on the pedestal. For occasion, the Discovery Slate must go within the Discovery Room cave. Then the Legendary Pokémon it unlocks will seem. I extremely suggest turning off autosave in your settings and manually saving earlier than beginning these battles. That manner, if one thing goes mistaken, such as you unintentionally defeat the Legendary with out capturing it, you’ll be able to restart your recreation and check out once more.

Try to make use of standing situations like Sleep or Paralysis and get the Legendary’s well being as little as potential. Then throw Ultra Balls, Quick Balls, or Timer Balls at it. This may take a very long time earlier than it lastly will get caught, so have at the least 50 Balls readily available. If you run out of Balls, restart your recreation and check out once more.

How to catch Giratina (Origin Forme) with the Distortion Slate

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Each of the Legendaries might be Slated and captured principally the identical manner apart from Giratina. That’s as a result of this Ghost/Dragon Legendary has two appearances: Giratina (Altered Forme) and Giratina (Origin Forme). To get the Giratina (Origin Forme) present in Ramanas Park, you first must seize Giratina (Altered Forme). Here’s how to do this.

  1. Beat the Elite Four and grow to be Champion.
  2. Unlock Ramanas Park by seeing all 151 Pokémon within the Sinnoh Pokédex and speaking to Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town.
  3. Gather Mysterious Shards and commerce them for Slates with the NPC at Ramanas Park
  4. Capture all Legendaries on the checklist earlier than Giratina.
  5. Return to Turnback Cave discovered between Route 214 and Sendoff Spring. Fight and seize Giratina (Origin Forme) right here.
  6. Gather Mysterious Shards within the Grand Underground.
  7. Return to the NPC at Ramanas Park and commerce them for the Distortion Slate.
  8. Enter the Distortion Room and place the Distortion Plate on the pedestal.
  9. You’ll end up within the “Strange Space” with a darkish Giratina in entrance of you in (Origin Forme). It might be stage 100, so watch out whenever you combat it.
  10. Defeat the shadowy Giratina (Origin Forme) to get the Griseous Orb.
  11. Give Giratina (Altered Forme) that you simply beforehand caught the Griseous Orb to carry to alter it to Giratina (Origin Forme). You can take away the Griseous Orb to alter it again.

Catch all of the Legendaries

Gathering up all the Mysterious Shards to commerce them for Slates will take a very long time, so you should definitely dig usually within the Grand Underground. When you face the Legendaries, make certain to avoid wasting beforehand and have loads of Ultra Balls and Quick Balls in your stock.

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