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Poverty is rising in all American Cities. In this video I meet a tremendous girl who’s determined to do one thing about it. Join me as we dive into a corporation that provides folks the talents they should survive on their very own. More Below↓

► Zaman group: https://www.zamaninternational.org/
► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zamaninternational/
► Najah’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/najah_bazzy/
► Muslims in USA playlist: https://bit.ly/3Grj18b
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► Living With A Ukrainian Family Displaced From War 🇺🇦: https://bit.ly/38KMOY4​​​​​​​​


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  1. Keep up your great work! Undeniably society needs more of this positive reachout all over the world (220 countries already have Zaman) mental issues within this 2years of pandemic is evident especially in big cities.

  2. Great video..What an Amazing Muslim Woman you are Mam.. I respect and admire you so much.. Tons of love from Muslim Woman of Indonesia and we need to learn so much lessons from your journey.. Salam Hormat!

  3. Wonderful work but not a solution as claimed. That requires effective, sustained Federal action, preceded of course by a complete change of mindset among the millions who think this something abstract and evil called socialism

  4. It's wonderful to see her effort in helping people in need like the homeless people & the refugees. I hope God( Allah ) bless her good work !

  5. I think, this lady is trying to convert americans to her religion, her aim is to islamize america under garb of social work, she will never tell what her religion says about non-muslims. Overkindness of americans will make america an islamized country like afghanistan with in next 60 to 70 years. Most americans are scared of speaking against cunning tactics of islamists for the fear of being called racist.

  6. These are the hidden heros.but,we are busy enjoying the Kardashian big butts.

  7. The world needs more people like "Najah" & less people who have NEEDS! May she continue to walk in the light…

  8. Everyone just search for Christian Prince on YouTube and have all your questions about Islam answered

  9. The number one contributor to the cycle of poverty in single mothers is the fact they are single mothers. Perhaps she should address that first.

  10. This is exactly what I want to end up doing insha Allah, thank you, May Allah reward you in this world everything you want and desire and bless you with Heaven Jannah Hereafter 😊💯💝

  11. Whole foods if you do not carry these cookies, I would go to the store who would. Like if you support this amazing concept.

  12. The best action is helping those who really need help and god bless her for the amazing hard work and please share link for the cookie’s

  13. I can genuinely see this lady has the best intentions but there seems to be an agenda. She says mothers are worried about the vaccine and she says she tells them they’ll be alright. Is she a doctor? If something were to happen to these women who do they suppose to go crying to? I just think it’s a bit irresponsible. The downside of donors is whoever gives you money they own you a little bit. Great job otherwise ❤️

  14. Assalamo alaikum:- Dear-Sister, MASHAA-ALLAH, ALLAH Has made you a~Great, in Heart-Brain-&-out-Side you-(For~others), you were a MISSING~Brick, ALLAH KAREEM, Brought to~&~for a Location, and “DESIGNED”MADE”RESERVED” and INSTALLED, where REQUIRED-(NEED of the TIME). MAY ALLAH BLESS you a Best Life.

  15. This's great idea, but, if they don't vigilant and careful everything could go up in smoke through fire.

  16. I grew up in Appalachia very poor. Government will not tackle the issue of poverty and do it well or even be successful. We have already had the "War on Poverty" and it destroyed Appalachia and many other communities. Motivating people to want to work is key, otherwise they work the "system". My experience, you can agree of disagree.

  17. Thank you visiting Dearborn. We Muslims love this country more then most. And we are as American as anyone else.

  18. Nice how she said I'm nurse. Like proud to be one the heroes. I'm also proud to be nurse ❤🇺🇸. By the way where these cookies are saling?

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