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Sponsor tonight is Euro Optic LTD
Their stock is actual time and something listed as in-stock is in-stock, no drop-shipping video games
They ship the whole lot same-day (east-coast time restrictions)
Their RED transport choices present 1-Day and 2-Day supply commitments at no additional cost.

So, they’ve the stuff, they ship it quick, and it will get there quick. Best-in-class providing for getting stuff to you on the short.

Here’s one thing else that’s cool… their gross sales workers are all locals, all Americans, and all shooters/hunters/outdoorsmen that use their stuff in their very own time. When you name in, you’re speaking to somebody who cares and can steer you proper.
They even have a very talked-about LE/Mil and clothing store/information program, simply discovered by looking out on their web site

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111 shares, 133 points

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  1. Hand shake from you Carl definitely! Requirements though maybe any Patreon lvl for more than a yr or 2. Also available to ppl taking courses maybe passing at the very least some sort of proficiency test depending on the specific course material. But don’t just sell them in the online shop, don’t do that pls. You know what a proper challenge coin means. My father served, my “only” regret is that I didn’t serve.

  2. "Let's keep it PG13"…sure…this is a family show after all…and "moderators" are gonna "hang out with us" to inforce the "rules" …Fun stuff , fun stuff…

  3. Maybe too unwieldy, but: a brass coin anyone can buy; a brass coin with “alumni” for everyone that passes a class, a brass coin with “Patreon” for everyone that is a Patreon for one year. A silver “alumni” coin for passing two or more classes and/or attends an alumni only function. And for silver Patreons, one year or more gets a silver Patreon coin. (Actual silver coins of course)

  4. Slamming may work, I once gave my phone the "I'm gonna wring all the fuck outta you" and shattered my screen like a wee chicken bone. Simply, twisting motions are not recommended. I forgot the law of physics, but blunt force has it's place in the reset process lol. Doing installs for Friday, I wish I could make another zoom meet.

  5. You should have a coin given based on courses they complete with u. Get on it Karl.

  6. I will be checking out CT light/laser combo for my wife's G43. I like the laser, because if I take cover against a bad guy, my intention was to only expose my eye and one hand. If I see the laser on them, pop goes the weasel. Around the corner, under the car, etc. Your thoughts???

  7. Glad someone got you talking P mag's. I didn't realize the cover was to protect the lip from deforming. I have some covers and they will be going back on. Unfortunately I threw some away! I put my mag's in bootie socks, in my pack, so they don't rattle. That takes care of dust as well and therefore, thought I didn't need the covers.

  8. Karl did you get the coins and toek mags I sent you? Just want to make sure everything arrived.

  9. If you decide to do the coin, it needs to be earned, and, it needs to be at your discretion.
    Or, make two. One that’s bought, and, one that’s earned.

  10. Any Patreon who has been a Silver Star member or above for a year should get a TR coin on their one year anniversary

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