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As we get into the vacations season, we get extra joyful, sort and beneficiant. Or so says each Christmas tune! In this thread, the little Grinches within the HN staff reveal all their dangerous holidays’ experiences and expose the worst reward they’ve ever acquired.

This Slogging thread by Mónica Freitas, Amy Shah, Sara Pinto, Daniel, Malhar Thanki, Favour Amadi, Jack Boreham, Linh Smooke and Ellen Stevens occurred in slogging’s official #random channel, and has been edited for readability.

As we get into the vacations season, what was the worst reward you’ve got ever gotten?

As a child, I used to hate getting barbies and socks. I’d destroy the dolls actual quick out of spite 😂 Now, I do not thoughts it a lot the socks, however I hate receiving perfumes, particularly picked out by another person.

How about you?

Sara Pinto, Jack Boreham, Limarc Ambalina, Abeer, Malhar Thanki, SALLYcanttdance, Favour Amadi, Amy Shah, Linh Smooke

Anything that was clearly a re-gifted merchandise was my worst reward ever.

Mónica Freitas, When I used to be in my teenagers, individuals will need to have not realized that I used to be not a child anymore, so I continually acquired t-shirts with drawings of princesses, flowers, and whatnot. Needless to say that teen Sara was not happy and made positive that these t-shirts by no means noticed the sunshine of day 😅 Other than that, I by no means acquired one thing I did not like in any respect.

I’ve all the time hated sports activities haha and for my eighth birthday an uncle gave me a whole set for taking part in soccer, that was horrible. Later, another relations thought I cherished soccer and so they enrolled me on some paid course to be “the best”. That was positively the worst reward 🙁

Mónica Freitas, I believe “not getting anything” is the worst reward I’ve acquired at instances.

Hmmm. I do not assume I’ve ever gotten a worst reward, Mónica Freitas. I can rely the variety of instances I’ve been gifted issues on one hand and so they had been all wanted. What are your ideas on reward giving?

Mónica Freitas, I am unable to consider one both. On a extra humorous be aware, maybe the flu on Christmas day, oh and I as soon as acquired a present unexpectedly from an ex-girlfriend at my door, which was not appreciated😂

Amy Shah, autch, that is dangerous 😂

Sara Pinto, You ought to’ve saved these t-shirts and made a blanket out of them. At least you’d have one thing to heat you within the wintertime 😂

Daniel, Poor child! Ahaha! They actually did not know you! It was the identical for me with dolls. I acquired so glad when my dad gave me these tracks for mini distant automobiles 😂

Malhar Thanki, I’ll ship you a pair of socks this Christmas 💔

Favour Amadi, I do not assume it is a necessity in any respect. In my home, we have a tendency to supply issues we all know somebody wants, like clothes, or if you don’t really want something, them one thing you’ve got wished for some time. But we strive to not go too loopy. For instance, final Christmas, I photoshopped two anime posters for my sister, and he or she cherished them. So that is to say that I a lot slightly get one thing somebody made than issues purchased. What’s your view on gift-giving?

Jack Boreham, Now, you’ve got made us all interested in that reward 😂 Poor woman wanting to depart you a considerate reward 😂

Hahaha to me it isn’t concerning the presents themselves however the intention behind them. If they put effort and time into getting a present, even when it’s one thing I might not usually get myself, I’ll donate/regift to somebody who wants extra. As Marie Kondo stated, don’t really feel dangerous about giving freely presents, presents have fulfilled their functions as soon as the gifters have given them to you 🙂

Linh’s method is a lot nicer than mine. I usually keep away from holidays. Taking a web page. I believe the reward I bear in mind being notably upset about was once I was possibly anyplace from 8-11 years outdated my mother and father acquired me two motion pictures. My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music. Honestly, they could have simply gotten it for themsleves however gave them to me. Anyway, I wished one thing enjoyable and thrilling, and I used to be fairly irritated, however they sat me down and made me watch each. To at the present time I believe these are the movies I’ve re-watched essentially the most.

Mónica Freitas, hahaha a pair of trainers, shipped from the US, I appreciated the reward, however was positively creepy😂

Gift giving, I’ll most likely be the final individual to ask to be gifted one thing or trace it (I must work on this). I admire it when I’m gifted although. It would not matter what it was or whether or not I’ll ever use it. The truth that somebody noticed one thing and thought of me is all I must know and I’ll cherish it endlessly. Mónica Freitas

Linh Smooke, Aww, you’ve got melted my coronary heart 💚 That’s stunning. But, sure, the intention and the hassle individuals put into one thing for try to be the spotlight for positive.

Ellen Stevens, At least it turned out effectively, and also you now have a particular connection/reminiscence about these motion pictures. But holidays could be loopy, particularly the nearer we get to the vacations, the extra cramped the streets and shops get. We develop into savages! 😂

Jack Boreham, That was an effort! I hope they have been helpful, a minimum of! 😂

Favour Amadi, That’s stunning! Is there any reward that you would be able to keep in mind that has been significantly particular?

Yes, Mónica Freitas, I used to be gifted a course I’d talked about for the longest time.

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