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This offered in lower than 24 hours on eBay. Thank you for watching this what offered on eBay video.

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  1. Like #195. Fully watched. Never heard of Slatkins rocks. Thanks for the Bolo alert on the VCR/dvd combo. I've been putting of listing the ones I have, but I will definitely get them up. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 🌺

  2. I watch your videos because I really enjoy them. Wining a giveaway is nice but like I said the content is why I watch. Plus you're a NINER fan like me, lol. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your new family. Much love from California 💓 #prison2profit the DVD combo is cool. It's amazing how vhs are really (bolo) lol

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Tae and Katey. I hope you and family have a blessed day. 🦃🦃✝️✝️

  4. Tae! I loved watching the frenzy at the bins over all the weighted blankets ! You bought 4-5 if them ! Are they all sold ? How much? Oh by the way …. I would love to have the Slatkin rocks ! Peace out! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  5. Hey Shontae, I was amazed at the small tool that you found at the bins in your hometown was worth over $200.00. You show us to look at everything because you never know what the potential is. I'm learning alot. #prison2profit.

  6. Hey! Hello from 🇨🇦 Love the videos! I appreciate that you do what you do, you’ve increased confidence in my reselling journey as I’ve wanted to quit so many times…keep up the blessings, and so shall I!

  7. The Slatkin potpourri rocks sound interesting, haven't heard of them before. One of my favorite things wasn't what you bought but the time you spent 1-1/2 hours talking to a fellow customer in the thrift store. As a reseller, your time is valuable but you made time for him. And I appreciate your videos being in the current time range.

  8. I love watching your videos. I live vicariously through you! ❤️❤️❤️ I love watching how you sell calculators and math and educational items! Toys are also great. I mean the old school ones! #prison2profit ! Love you lots!! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Hey you talking bout me😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I'm just posting July videos and it's already snowed here😏

  10. It's all profit!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Katey and the rest of the family ⚘⚘

  11. Great video as always Tae!! Thanks for sharing. The coolest thing you have sold for me is the Nerf Terrascout Tank For $155 when it cost you $5 ! Great profit there!! #Prison2profit

  12. Thanks for the video! I love watching… You’re doing a great job! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. On another note have a baby on the way I have 6 kids..you better be focusing on sourcing…lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣..kids aren't cheap but you guys will be fine..find your balance live your life and all will be good. Don't do for us only 1 life to live and life doesn't wait for anyone…if you Bsr keep it that way…do what you can when you can..you have lots of loyal followers who know what you going through and its all good. Just do you ..it always will be great!!!

  14. Have said many many times you don't have to feel any certain way about what sold videos..many ppl do them and many ppl watch to learn and gain knowledge and your what sold videos are awesome you always happy and smiling and if its 100$ or 10$ profits are profits. Not alot of reseller channels show the 8 to 10$ profit you do and you keep it real. So once again do your videos whoever views …views and if they don't they missing out on something real and special…until next time keep up the great work..your friend Jason.

  15. The Wireless Mic was cool to sell zero dollars into 125.00 I believe you would do that everyday. Happy Thanksgiving Tae!

  16. To me a bolo is an item that sells for over 100$ that is found commonly second hand cheap

  17. If I was you I'd hit the sourcing rather hard soon. That way you have inventory so you can be right there for the baby and Katey. You can pull, list and sell. Give us a good video every once in awhile. Consistently but with time in-between to give time.

  18. Hey Tae, loved when you picked up those bats really cheap at the estate sale. Don't stress yourself. I get you want to work harder than ever now with the baby on it's way. Would love the stones please. #prison2profit 🙂

  19. Give some money or food to a veteran food bank instead of to the viewers. Things are rough now.

  20. The coolest thing I saw was the feee item selling $125.40 thats just crazy. I lovesatching this channel because your truly inspirational if you can do it,then I can do it. Thanks for sharing. Happy thanksgiving to you and the wife keep hustling!

  21. Greetings Tae&Katey. "Happy Thanksgiving" too you and your. Blessings blessings blessings. Keep being/doing you always. Thank you for being so AWESOME/PRICELESS. Keep sharing,passing knowledge/blessings forward yippee. Please be CAREFUL. Be safe,healthy &blessed always family friendly

  22. Your past is your past,just trust in the lord and he will bring you to the top,love your videos and keep up the good work

  23. Hey man I think the color changing floor lamp is very cool it would be a great addition to my man cave. Where did you get it and how much do you want for it ?You are one cool cat just wanna put that out there.

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