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Today we have a look at a us greenback index 20 12 months trendline. We have a look at the DXY on the month-to-month and weekly charts and see the place we could be headed subsequent. Why are crypto and altcoins caught proper now?! I’m Glad you requested! Let’s see what the US Dollar Index worth charts are saying right this moment!

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  1. 10 year trendline is already broken man…
    2014 + 2018 touchpoints, 2020 broken, now retest, then byebye USD

  2. I not only learn from your videos, you crack me up along the way, This crypto shit can be gut wrenching but I'd rather laugh than cry and I often try to use humor when I'm stressing out, because of that peeps think I'm not taking certain situations seriously, humor is my coping mechanism for stressful situations.

  3. continue the videos into 2022! you've taught us a metric f tonne. you aint goin nowhere chase! stay with it. thank you for it all

  4. Please keep going with the videos in 2022! I watch all your videos and learn so much from you! Thanks for everything you do Chase!

  5. Love these bigger picture videos. Puts everything into context but definitely think the next few years will be very volatile with lots of fake outs. Just HODL.

  6. The dxy is super annoying… just drop already !!!!!😂. Thanks again for the content ! Please give this man a like !

  7. Very valuable info ….great content Chase ! Thx for the effort it def helped me play out my strategy towards the next few weeks and month

  8. Question Chase. If the DXY is simply a measurement of the dollar vs other currencies couldnt all currencies be going down therefore what we have is a rising Dollar within an overall downtrend for government currencies in general? Is that overall downtrend measured by inflation?

  9. Thanks chase, I think u have changed yourself to metaverse 🐱 only mouse is moving… Where is chase's face.. Thanks, for updating about dxy frequently, in these difficult months we need dxy update more… 💕

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