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How does one earn money on the street?? Last 12 months, I put collectively a video on how I personally earn earnings as a full-time nomad and lots of of you appeared keen on studying about further methods to work from the street. So, listed here are 10 other ways to earn earnings whereas touring full-time! Do you’re employed remotely? Do you prefer it? Let me know within the feedback beneath 🙂

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0:31 Life Update
1:55 Content Creation
2:19 Photography/Videography
2:55 Writing
3:30 Music
4:00 Influencer
4:25 Social Media Marketing
5:02 Digital Marketing
5:25 Financial Advising & Bookkeeping
7:02 Create & Sell Goods Online
7:32 Online Courses
8:44 Virtual Assistant
9:09 Ask Your Employer
9:45 Seasonal Work
10:33 Traveling Professional
11:30 Resources

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**My van is a 2019 Ram ProMaster 1500 High Roof, 136″ WB with 33K miles** 🚐

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  1. Just to let you know it is still raining in WA. Haven't seen blue skies in really 2 months…I'm talking having a solid week or even two straight days of blue sky and sun. Glad you got out of the sh*thole. While it has beauty in nature, so do other states. Can't wait to get out!! Thanks for your informative video!

  2. Hi! How reliable has your ProMaster been? I was thinking of getting the smaller one. Just curious if you would recommend Dodge, or not.

  3. Damn few people have your talent, or the ability to drive 17 hours straight. I did 14 once, and after I shut down I forgot I was supposed to get out of the car!

  4. Why don’t your incorporate your Landscape Photography as part of your Van Life Adventures. Watch a few episodes of Northern English Photographer Thomas Heaton’s Utube channel, his seems to be mainly landscape Photography, with some van life adventures, and overnight camping thrown in. He also sells a Calendar, and photo Holidays (Pre covid).

  5. I currently work remotely for my employer, and have been doing so for over 4 years now! My company is a small digital marketing & software agency, so I started out as a digital marketing professional but then pivoted to software product management & now leadership. I've always had the itch to do something on the side, so I have a YouTube channel & dabble in content creation, web design, photography, etc. Being a virtual assistant also sounds intriguing!

  6. I’m a remote health coach for a company in the US. 😊 I hope to get a van one day!

  7. I'm a guy that just got tired of management at work trying to cut me down apparently I'm a tall daisy to them. Dropped the 6figure job as a software developer and became a traveling welder ended up making 3x the amount of money for less hours. This year I combined the two skills and have become completely financially independent. Go figure having excellent software development skill and the ability to build shit out of metal goes a long way. I now own 3 automated welding factories that only need 6 employees each. So glad to be done with that cooperate life and the employee in a maze game they play. I now spend my time traveling to areas where global warming is causing major problems and gather data on it so I can possible reverse the problem sometime in the future.

  8. Interested in the road workshop. My build is done and when my son moves out (about to turn 16) I have aspirations to live on the road for a year or more. I work in IT as a systems engineer so I believe my income is taken care of. I don’t have a specific question but I’m anxious to gain some efficiencies on the road. At the moment everything feels like an ordeal. Cooking, cleaning dishes, showering, finding a spot to sleep, etc. I thrive on structure (autopilot) when it comes to the mundane aspects of life so more freedom and fun can be had. I feel that’s my weakest point and it’s unclear whether that’s due to my approach, my build, or my rookie status. Perhaps hearing more details on the mundane aspects of your 3+ years can provide some insights. Hopefully I can get the “adulting” under control so more life can be easily had. 😋 Sorry for the long comment. Hope I didn’t lose you.

  9. Hi Christian. Thanks for your helpful information on vanlife. Especially the breakdown on your expenses. I’m attaching a link to something that may interest you. It’s an alternative to your shower scenario. It’s a reusable, fold away, loop filtered UV system that has incredible flexibility.


    You’re able to shower for as long as you like on 6 litres of water and it’s clean due to the filter. The beauty of it, is that it doesn’t take up much room and can be packed away.

  10. I love my remote job! The pay is excellent for IT roles and flexible! Highly recommend.

  11. Stock Trader/Investor. Need a little capital. Can do from anywhere. Can do any time of day. Can take off any time. Once trained, can do in as little as 30 minutes per day. Can automate but not necessary. No boss, no employees, no office pronoun or social training b.s. Most (93%), that trade for Income, don’t make money because they don’t get proper training, don’t follow a proven plan/directions well or have Instagram type attention span.

  12. A great video. i will be looking at some of those links to see whats feasible. Thanks. Hope you are well. I currently am a delivery driver working out of a depot. I'm interested in vanlife and travelling though, so I am seeing how to get a remote income.

  13. Ahh yes… I work remotely, but my company wants employees close to an office.
    But the websites that you shared can be used as extra income!

  14. Hey Christian, i hope you’ve been in Rome, my home town. The last time (and only time) i wrote you i ras considering van life. So now i’m happy to share i’ve just got my van and can’t wait to start travelling around Italy and Europe. If you ever ship your van to Europe, please get in touch.

  15. Hi Christian
    Thanks for sharing this video . . Very interesting 💖
    We travel full-time in Australia in our van. . And I have been looking for something that I can do remotely for work to help fund our travels. I love landscape photography and would be really interested in learning more about how I go selling prints online like you mentioned. Is there an online utube link that you recommend watching?
    Thanks so much
    Michelle 🌅

  16. My husband is a truck driver and in February the dog and I are moving into the truck! My job is fully remote and they are in full support of the adventure. We are planning to start a YT channel to vlog about life on the road!! Can’t wait for the adventure!

  17. Hey Christian! Wow, so cool and unexpected to meet you on trail in Big Sur. May this holiday weekend bring you clear skies, warm temps, soft breezes and many beautiful landscape photographs. You're exceptionally talented and I can't wait to see your videos from Italy. Most of all, I'd like to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  18. Hi Christian, great video! I loved the remote resources list you included toward the end of your video. I've worked remotely since 2019 as a consultant via my own business, and as a data mapper/analyst for a non profit public health organization. I currently work for the non profit and while I enjoy what I do, I can't say that I love it. It sustains me while I finish my design degree. I LOVE design, though, so I'm looking forward to figuring out ways I want to explore that passion. Your vlogs definitely inspire me to think more deeply about how I really want to live my life. Thank you!

  19. I am a career coach and résumé branding specialist and I have been working remote for at least eight years, I can do this wherever there is a good Internet connection and I love it!

  20. This is a fantastic video! I make a lot of content that is about how creators can monetize/make money through their business(es) as well – pumped to see others making stuff in the same space. 🙂

  21. Thanks for the video, Californian girl! Just out of interest, do you use notes / bullet points / a script for your videos. I can't see you reading anything!

  22. Christian, I have followed you for a while now. It's your fault that I bought a sprinter (Otis) 4-6 weeks ago!! (HA). I have worked remotely since 1998. As long as I was able and willing to follow the sunrises and sunsets of time zones, had great cell (voice) and data nobody really cared where I was. There were the infrequent and sometime frequent need to get in front of people, but mostly I was able to manage these events. The cool part was nobody ever knew I was in Madrid, Hanalei Bay, Del Mar, PNW, Naples, etc.. I hate everything about the pandemic, but one thing is certain – the pandemic has solidified and re-defined remote worker.

    With that said, I retired several years ago and earlier this year went back to work with a non-profit assisting vets with PTSD and substance abuse issues. They usual run together.

    Otis, Charley (doodle) and I have had several shakedown trips and several more planned. We leave in February for full-time adventures and the job is coming with me!! The same conditions apply; nobody cares where I am at as long as I satisfy the conditions mentioned above.

  23. Thank you, Christian! This is so useful & a good reminder of how much is possible if you stay open to different solutions and options. I currently work remotely (as a copyeditor for an education company) and as I make this income stable and long-term, I’d like to build toward a more nomadic existence. Love your content here and on Instagram 🙂
    Also, I live in Seattle, and, yes, the rain this season has already been particularly brutal. The gloom is real.

  24. DBA / Developer / Data Architect and I've been working remote for the last 18 months. <3 IT! Starting to travel and find places to work while on the road.

  25. When you mentioned your prints are fulfilled from a printer so you don't have to inventory, do most just take a percentage and deposit direct ACH to you? Any suggestions on who to use?

  26. I'm a graphic designer working remotly for an american company. I am currently in Mauritius Island visiting my parents. I love being able to work from anywhere in the world and be able to go from one place to another when I want.
    Love this video btw 🙂

  27. can you live fulltime in your van without social media? in terms of income and the real life alone in the van? If I want to do it , I want to get away from all the crap on social media .. 😉

  28. Hi Do you need some great lighting for your car to help you better driving, off-road. We're the pro auto lighting manufacturer for nearly 20 year and we're looking for sponsorship!

  29. Great video, always very instructive and I enjoy that!
    Just recently I started my own strength and conditioning company. I work online and in person. I'm doing my masters right now in sports performance so once I graduate, I hope to get on more S&C and personal training work remotely. Thanks!

  30. That's a pretty thorough list, how about "yield farming" or dollar cost averaging into bitcoin over time? I have been working remotely as an Architect for the last few years, I get a lot more done, but I also think I eat a lot more chocolate 🙂 Welcome back.

  31. I am almost 59 and this year I made the plunge from a company of 22 years because remote work was impossible for them. I now am an employee for a company that employs mostly remote workers. It’s a challenge I will say but each day I’m liking it more and more. This is gearing me up for next year when my husband retires and we begin our travels through the US. I think I’m mostly worried about internet and travel days. Lol. Thanks for all the info.

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