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The Gentlemen of Crypto EP – 848

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0:00 intro
0:58 market replace
5:33 Lummis says Fed is ‘violating the law’
14:56 House committee assembly Dec eighth
21:23 Meta expands crypto commercial eligibility on Facebook
27:58 Square rebrands to Block
33:27 Wired throws away 760K in 2013
39:26 106M value of metaverse land bought final week

**This will not be monetary recommendation. The expressed opinions within the video are of the audio system. You can lose all of your cash within the cryptocurrency market, so make sure you do your personal analysis earlier than investing.**The Gentleman of Crypto is a every day stay broadcast that explores Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. We talk about worldwide subjects, information updates, and future improvements in blockchain, digital currencies and belongings, fintech, and extra.


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  1. Metaverse: what I think will happen: It will continue to expand and evolve to include aspects of life that society deem important. Like, school/education will involve metaverse, training programs for high cost jobs like driving a truck/train, flight simulations, surgery (if it doesn't become AI/automated by robotics). Metaverse will evolve and become increasingly part of regular life. The possibilities are vast.

  2. Bro I’m wanting to connect with you and Zay but the ig and fb link you have in your about are broken links 😭😭🤦‍♂️I’m in Dallas

  3. King was in bag today!! I loved the trolling!! Lmao!!! Oh and that Wired story is real. They run it every year to remind themselves of their sheer stupidity!!!!

  4. HEX gonna show the trolls. Nomics just changed their rules and gave into the pressure. Surprised at you. SMH

  5. This is my first year in crypto. I've been hearing all year that "we are early" which feels good. But seeing all of these government hearings and such feels like the door is being slammed in the face of anyone that has a bag worth less than $100k

  6. Robinhood…webull..and public shared in blocking retail investors during the gamestop debacle. My question is what platform isn't without terrible ethical practices. It's the euro-american way.

  7. Hex was on 13th and you showed just up to 12 you "trolled" yourself mate. i'm not a big hex fan anymore btw.

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  9. The TGoC support for Solana is pretty interesting considering the lack of decentralization and obvious VC play.

  10. The people that are in power are old heads that have no clue or for that matter is still stuck in the 1990s the new generation will move forward as inflation eats up that fiat it's just a new period technology is changing the game very soon it will be a new system

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