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October continued the pattern we have been seeing develop in actual property for nearly two years now. Tight provide, regular demand, increased costs, and first-time house patrons getting priced out of the market. It’s solely a matter of time earlier than rising mortgage charges put strain on this pattern, however how excessive can charges go? And what occurs when the Fed responds to the following crash and rates of interest hit the ground?

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  1. Monthly Supply of Houses in the United States (MSACSR)
    Oct 2021: 6.3

    Where did you get a 2.4?

  2. Phoenix, AZ Housing Prices Crater 27% YOY As Soaring Inventory Send Prices Plunging

  3. I believe everything you say — and yet you are consistently wrong.
    In this case, yes, inflation will rise… everyone will be given more money… BUT — nobody will be given enough money to buy a house that rose 1.7x in cost as gas and food did.

    Translation: The handouts will cover the cost of a baby (Joe Brandon expects it to vote D)… but not a house. Modern slavery folks… but no work required.

  4. Did this guy actually say 0% mortgage rates? Who is this guy, and who would believe anything he's says?

  5. Nobody talking about all the PRE- FORCLOSURES, FORCLOSURES, AUCTIONS ???? IN this very 🔥 hot market. ??? Same talking 👉 points.

  6. lets allll be thankful that you can nuke a hungry man and listen to this jagoff while you will never be able to own a home and if you do you will work for 2 lifetimes and be happy

  7. Westlake Village, CA Housing Prices Crater 19% YOY As Los Angeles Housing Market Swirls The Bowl

  8. Honestly one of the best videos I've ever seen about the housing market. You could not explain this better. Thank you!!!

  9. The issue with US housing is that there’s still a ton of artificial demand coming from institutional buyers like Blackrock; they haven’t followed Zillow yet. This is highly unusual when looking at how a normal market should work, with buyers and sellers. There’s a TON of artificial demand and pricing increase in the market, it’s crazy. These players push up the prices and retail buyers pay whatever because they’re not very smart when it comes to their finances. After all it’s an “investment” to pay $1m for a 3br 2 ba on the west coast. Can’t make this up, crazy. How it ends? Who knows but likely that overleveraged buyers run into issues in any sort of macro difficulties, which is inevitable.

    BTW Joe, take a look at some of the other players like Crowdstreet.

  10. Remember…. as a noted economist stated so eloquently, "Nothing accelerates the economy and creates jobs like falling prices to dramatically lower and more affordable levels. Nothing." He's right.

    Redwood City, CA Housing Prices Crater 28% YOY As Double Digit Price Declines Plaster Bay Area

  11. Impressive reasoning yet it all falls apart the moment he thinks Biden will be reelected which means this whole thing is pure speculation as we all know there will be a serious dip in housing prices,, the housing market is setting up for an extreme classic Gap and trap,,, my heart goes out to those that will be trapped into extreme monthly property tax

  12. Look at Boise Idaho,,, different markets are at peaks. ibuyers pulling back is 5% of sales that go away. All info is good. Glad to get this input too.

  13. I’m graduating in December and starting my first real job. Buying a house seems so out of reach but renting is so expensive. It makes it difficult to save up for a down payment.

  14. As a noted economist stated so eloquently, "A house is a rapidly depreciating asset that empties your wallet every day it owns you." …. he's right.

    Bend, OR Housing Prices Crater 15% YOY As Default Rates Soars On Surging Unemployment And Crime

  15. my buddy is moving up sold his house and is in the market for 3 million dollar home in california. the prices arent all outrageous if youve ridden all the waves

  16. I have a question NYC saw over 55,000 covid related deaths most old and most where owner or renters so around 25,000 vacant homes not including people who left in record numbers how come real estate haven’t crashed and even rents are coming back up

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