Surreal Witch Backside: A Dive Into Picasso Style Painting

Want to delve into the world of surrealism while channeling the style of Picasso? You’re at the right place! This article will help you unleash your inner artist, enabling you to create a surreal witch backside in Picasso’s iconic style. But before we delve into the creative process, let’s understand a little about surrealism and Picasso’s style.

Introduction to Surrealism and Picasso’s Style

What is Surrealism?

Surrealism, an art form that originated in the early 20th century, is all about letting your subconscious take the reins. It’s dreamlike, bizarre, and sometimes downright eerie. It breaks away from reality to create a unique, fantasy-like world, and that’s exactly where our surreal witch backside will reside.

Picasso: A Revolutionary Artist

Pablo Picasso, a name synonymous with art itself, was a pioneer of many artistic styles. One style in particular, Cubism, brought him worldwide fame. Picasso’s style is distinguished by geometric shapes, the use of multiple perspectives, and a bold color palette – all elements we’ll use in our painting.

Components of Picasso’s Painting Style

Geometric Shapes

Picasso’s works are a riot of geometric shapes. Each painting is essentially a puzzle where each piece fits in to create a vibrant, engaging image. Our witch backside will be portrayed using similar geometric interpretations.

Analytic and Synthetic Cubism

Picasso’s art evolved from Analytic Cubism, focusing on breaking down objects into geometric shapes, to Synthetic Cubism, where different materials were combined to create the artwork. This evolution offers us the flexibility to experiment in our painting.

Vibrant Colors and Textures

Picasso’s paintings weren’t just about shapes and perspectives; they were also full of vibrant colors and intriguing textures. We’ll be borrowing some of that vibrancy and texture for our witch, making her as colorful and interesting as Picasso’s figures.

Imagining the Surreal Witch Backside in Picasso’s Style

Conceptualizing the Witch

What does a witch look like in your subconscious mind? Is she an ominous figure, cloaked in black, or a misunderstood being, radiating an eerie beauty? Remember, there are no wrong answers in surrealism!

Portraying the Backside

The backside of the witch offers a new perspective, revealing unseen dimensions. Don’t shy away from exaggerating features; it’s surrealism after all! Try to capture the essence using geometric shapes, just as Picasso would.

Surreal Elements in Picasso’s Style

Here, we infuse Picasso’s style with surreal elements – maybe the witch has a tail, or perhaps her cloak morphs into shadowy creatures. These elements add the surreal factor to our painting.

Steps to Create Your Surreal Witch Backside

Step 1: Sketching

Begin with a simple sketch of the witch backside. Draw basic shapes first, then gradually add details. Don’t stress over perfection – Picasso’s art embraces imperfections.

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Step 2: Adding Picasso’s Elements

Now it’s time to add Picasso’s elements. Break down the shapes, play with perspective, and fill in vibrant colors. Each stroke is a step towards achieving that Picasso-esque feel.

Step 3: Final Touches

Add the final touches, which could be textural details, or even collaging materials to give that Synthetic Cubism effect. With that, voila! Your surreal witch backside in Picasso’s style is ready.

Conclusion: The Joy of Creating Your Own Surrealist Art

Art is a journey, and with this surreal witch backside, you’ve embarked on an exciting one. You’ve not only learned about surrealism and Picasso’s style, but also used them to create something uniquely yours. As Picasso once said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction”. So, take those norms, shatter them, and create something that only you could. Keep experimenting, keep learning, and above all, keep creating.

5 FAQs About Creating Surrealist Art

  1. What materials do I need for creating a surrealist painting in Picasso’s style?
    • You’ll need sketching pencils, a variety of paint colors, brushes of different sizes, and a canvas. If you want to experiment with Synthetic Cubism, you could also incorporate materials like newspaper clippings or fabric.
  2. Do I need to know how to draw perfectly for this style of art?
    • Not at all! Picasso’s style isn’t about perfection; it’s about expression and breaking norms.
  3. How can I develop my own art style while learning from Picasso?
    • Studying Picasso’s art can provide a great foundation. But remember, your art is a reflection of you. Feel free to adapt elements that resonate with you and experiment with new techniques.
  4. Can I use digital tools to create Picasso-style art?
    • Absolutely! Many digital art platforms provide tools that can help you mimic the effect of traditional painting mediums. It’s all about how you express your artistic vision.
  5. Is there a meaning behind every piece of surrealist art?
    • Surrealist art often stems from the artist’s subconscious mind. While some pieces might have a clear symbolic meaning, others might be abstract expressions of emotions or ideas. The beauty of surrealism is that it’s open to interpretation.

Want to delve into the world of surrealism while channeling the style of Picasso? You're at the right place! This article will help you unleash your inner artist, enabling you to create a surreal witch backside in Picasso's iconic style. But before we delve into the creative process, let's understand a little about surrealism and Picasso's style. • Colmado Blog • 2024 •


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